Goal: Food Photo Bucket

Apart from my room, my computer is always a big mess with scattered pictures and downloaded videos no matter how I tried to keep it organized. So, I bought a portable external hard drive last weekend and I love it. This is a 500 gb My Passport Essential passport from Western Digital. I chose the red one because white was out of stock. It is fast using a USB 3.0 and 100% USB 2.0 compatible with 3 years limited warranty. You could download 500 photos in just 54 seconds, 2000 songs in 4 minutes, and a 2 hour HD movies in just 4.50 seconds. The hard drive can store 60 movies, 125,000 songs and 100, 0000 photos.
The real purpose of this new gadget is to create a photo back up. I am planning to do a scrap book of my food photos. That would be my goal fro the next 5 months. I would like to create photo books like those I saw online.
Another advantage of this new gadget is the WD SmartWare Software. This is visual control center with a single screen view of all my data. I could back up, retrieve, and secure my files. Whenever I add or change a file, it's instantly backed up and it has a password protection.

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