Im a Fresh Man

Finally, additional must have on man's personal hygiene came up, the Freshman Masculine Wash. A little bit weird to say but it is basically similar to a feminine wash but for guys. A masculine wash is a cleanser for the male genitalia/intimate area that gently yet thoroughly cleans.

For a long time, I been using woman's  feminine wash but now I'm happy that there's something I can use for my "biologically man" intimate area, ha ha ha.

According to their website, here are the benefits of using it;

Contains Tea Tree Oil, an anti-bacterial ingredient for intimate washing specially formulated to fight germs that cause unwanted odors, jock itch and skin disease.It is the ONLY masculine wash specially formulated for the proper intimate hygiene of men. Cleans the male genitalia/private area thoroughly unlike any ordinary soap or body wash can. Uses a combination of multiple cleansing agents which gives Men the unrivaled clean and fresh feeling. Maintains the proper moisture levels of the male skin (Ph 7) leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Specially formulated for instant cooling effect that lingers, leaving the user feeling cool and fresh all day.