Coffee Passport at Krispy Kreme

I was daydreaming about riding the Guildford Boat House while strolling in Glorietta on a cold, stormy weekend when I feel the need to gulp caffeinated beverage. I was in Glorietta 4 in between Bread Talk and Krispy Kreme. I love Krispy Kreme's doughnuts! my favorite is the original glazed doughnut but I never tried their coffee. When I saw the poster posted that said "you will love our coffee as much as our doughnuts" I tought of giving in, so I went inside Krispy Kreme to try their brewed coffee and experience their promise of making that day special.

I ordered the classic Americano, brewed coffee prepared the Krispy Kreme way, made of hot steaming water poured over rich espresso. "to go or for here", the crew politely asked me. I said, "for here" because I hate drinking my coffee from a paper cup. I was a little bit dismayed when the coffee was poured into a paper cup but I did not complain. The crew asked me if I have passport I said yes ( thinking of the real Philippine Passport, lol) and I don't have it with me. She showed me their coffee passport and asked me if I want another one. Oh yes, this is the coffee passport she was referring to, hahahaha, so I got it. The passport has three deals;

1.) Buy three (3) coffees and get six (6) original glazed doughnuts
2).) Buy six (6) coffees and get a collectible mug
3.) Buy twelve (12) coffees and get 12 original glazed doughnuts

Coffee passport promo duration is from July 4 to September 30, 2011

Meet My New Baby: Canon EOS 550D

Yyyyiibbbaa!! My desire for EOS 550D has been fulfilled last weekend. You guys could expect high quality photos on my Food Blog ( The Cuisineuer  ) and my travel blog (  Gest to Utopia  )