Captivating Cebu - Obong Spring

Wondering what are the best destinations to visit in Cebu this summer? My officemates and I captured some of the best places in Cebu last December. I am pleased to show you around. First stop: Obong Spring.  It was an unplanned vacation so we don't have itinerary to follow. We just took the opportunity to avail Air Philippines promo fare and all of us  agreed to go to Cebu. One of my officemates is from Cebu so she tour-guided  us to explore the place. We headed south to her hometown, Dalaguete. 

How to get there: Obong Spring is located in the coastal Barangay of Obong in the Municipality of Dalaguete. About 2-3 hours away south of Cebu City. From Dalaguete town, we hired a tricycle going to the spring, travel time was 15 minutes.

Obong Spring is a natural spring water system which flows near the beach, you’ll see fresh water meet salt water during high tide. The brakish water was cold and clear when  I dip in.

Entrance Fees:

4 wheeler vehicle: PhP 20.00
Tricycle/Motorcycle: PhP 5.00
Adult: PhP 5.00
Children below 10 years old: Php 2.00

A mermaid sculpture and some old-aged tress gives the visitor a relaxing and enchanting ambiance. A natural pool for kids and adults. The shallow end of the pool is only two feet deep. For the wild ones, jumping off this huge rock could be fun! 

(DST) Daylight Saving Time Happening Today at 2 P.M.

DST or Daylight Saving Time is the practice of temporarily advancing clocks during the summertime so that afternoons have more daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn.

The goal of DST was to reduce evening usage of incandescent lighting, formerly a primary use of electricity modern heating and cooling usage patterns differ greatly, and research about how DST currently affects energy use is limited or contradictory.

Its happening today at 2:00 PM. So guys, don't forget to change ur clock tonight ( 1 hour ahead)

Where to Eat in Cebu City - Espresso Ebay Cebu City

It's my first time to visit Cebu City, the queen city of the south. My officemates and I  stayed in Cebu Pensione Plaza. Beside the pension house is the Espresso Ebay Cafe where we ate breakfast. Breakfast meals are affordable and freshly cooked. I loved the Hungarian sausage, I don't have any idea on what style of cooking they did on it, it was crispy outside but tender and juicy when I bit it.

Hungarian Sausage, Sunny side up egg and Rice

My morning was in perfect harmony with hot, rich, steaming,  brewed, coffee. Breakfast at Espresso Ebay Cafe is free of charge if you'll stay on the pension house. Breakfast rate ranges from PhP 80-100.

Jim had "tapsilog" (beef  tapa, fried rice, and sunny side up egg). A Filipino favorite breakfast. This one has nothing special, boring. I thought, it would be better if they have put some spices on it to create a brand of their own of this famous breakfast.

Beef tapa, sunny side up egg and rice

They also serve different blended coffee beverages. Cold or iced coffee topped with whipped cream are the the top sellers.

Jen chose another Filipino favorite breakfast, Longganisang Lucban. A sausage native to Quezon Province, originated in the Municipality of Lucban. Nice, you can have a taste of Luzon in the Visayan region.

I liked the coffee table where we dine in. I dream of having my own set of dinning table like the one above. Oh, not to forget the hot chocolate taste, creamy and chocolatey, a good way to start a sweet morning.

Original breakfast menu from the cafe is the homemade Bangus flakes in oil. Tastes so good and very flavorful. Ingredients and the way it was cooked is the cafe's best kept secret.

Outside the cafe is a small area selling siomai. Jelaine bought some and shared it with us. You might think it is  odd to be eaten for breakfast. Thats what I thought too but I was not in the possession to say no to the savory siomai. Siomai is one of my favorite food. Though I'm full, I just cant resist.

Cafe's relax and cool ambiance, decorated with bubbly Christmas lanterns (it was December 2010 when we visited Cebu)