Travel Tip: How Can You Get Free Wi-Fi Access at Any Airport?

Before going on to Rome's next destination, here's a digital travel tip for a digital traveler like you. Haven't tried it yet but maybe its true, I just found it on one of my favorite website, 9gag.

If you're trapped in an airport because of delayed/cancelled flight, you might wanna kill time and boredom browsing the net. What if your laptop/iPad/Smart Phone doesn't subscribed in data plan? 

This might work! Please limme know if its working. Ok?

Extraordinary Mornings with Lady's Choice

Let me greet y'all a very good morning with my 1 minute breakfast today as I unfold my new project. ( I know, my Ayala Triangle project has yet to be completed and I promise to finish all of my restaurant reviews before May, deal?).

This little project of mine is a series of my favorite, home-made omelets that I longing to try. Lets call it Extraordinary Mornings. My original plan was to try 7 omelet recipes for one whole week but I thought, my work schedule won't allow me to post recipes everyday. Omelets are easy to cook but the technicality (photo shooting, editing, posting, etc) are not. So please bear with me.

Although I am not a morning person, I'll wake up early for this tiny little project. Just for this project. Ok?

In the meantime, let's enjoy this plain omelet but made extraordinary with Lady's Choice Mayonnaise and red onions to fill in the hot pandesal that we all love.

Good Morning!