Philippine Culinary Festivities for the 4th Quarter of 2011

Apart form genuine hospitality and sincere smiles, the joyful Filipinos are known for different festivals to celebrate our unique, diversified, and rich culture. Focusing on culinary feasts, here are the list of Philippine Culinary Festivities (Kulinarya Festivals) that you might wanna visit and experience for the next three months. Do not miss your chance to learn more about the traditional lifestyle and cuisine of the friendly Filipinos.


A grand event in Surigao City showcasing different styles in preparing a "kinilaw" (raw fish delicacy). It also features the variety of fish, seafood and other marine products in the locality.

Date             : October 2, 2011
Organizer    : DOT-Region XIII
                      Tel. # (085) 341-8413/225-5712/


LUBI-LUBI FESTIVAL is a dance festival, extolling the many uses of the coconut in homage to Sta. Catalina de Alexandria. The Lubi-Lubi sa Glan Festival shows that there is more to the coconut than just copra.

Venue           :Glan, Sarangani Province
Date             :October 8 
Organizer     :DOT-Region XII
                      Tel. # (064) 421-1110/7868

                     Mr. Larry Asparin
                     Provincial Tourism Office
                     Tel. # (083) 508-2195
                     October 23-25


An annual thanksgiving celebration for Camiguin Island's bountiful harvest. The town of Mambajao holds the feast during the third week of October, in time for the season of the tropical fruit lanzones. Locals and tourists enjoy this weeklong celebration with a line-up of activities showcasing agro-industrial products, cultural presentations highlighted by street dancing competitions and lanzones picking.

Venue         :Camiguin Island
Date           :October 23-25
Organizer   :DOT-Region X
                    Tel. # (08822) 726-394/723-696

                    Mr. Catalino Chan III
                    Camiguin Tourism Officer
                    Tel. # (088) 387-1079


A thanksgiving celebration giving tribute to the town's main product - RICE, the municipality being the rice bowl of Southern Mindanao.

Venue          :Banaybanay, Davao Oriental
Date           :October 26-28
Organizer   :DOT-Region XI
                    Tel. # (082) 221-0070


Part of the San Diego de Alcala Feast Day is one of the unique food festival in the country featuring the famous Putong Polo, a small but classy "kakanin" which was originally created in the town of Polo, Valenzuela. Polo is the old name of Valenzuela when it was still part of Bulacan. Highlighted by a parade of different artistic creation using the Putong Polo as the medium for designing and building the creations.

Venue          :Polo, Valenzuela City
Date           :November 12
Organizer   :DOT-NCr
                    Tel. # 525-7082/524-8311

                   Mr. Barcelito de Sotto
                   Valenzuela City Aultural Affairs & Tourism Development Office
                   Tel. # 443-2729/291-0672


A celebration of the Earth its primary product - 'rice'. Pototan, as the rice granary of Western Visayas, considers the Parayan Festival as their supreme gesture of thanksgiving for what Mother Earth has bestowed upon their fertile soils.    This harvest festival also honors the hardworking rice farmers as one of our economy's unsung heroes. The celebration aims to represent the colorful Pototan way of life and the town's dedication to a prosperous harvest.

Venue       :Pototan, Iloilo
Date        :Every 2nd weekend of December
Organizer   :DOT-Region VI
             Tel. # (033) 337-5411/509/3550

             Parayan Festival Secretariat
             Tel. # (033) 529-8716


The coffee festival was conceived to showcase the long reign of Lipa as the coffee granary of the Philippines. Highlighting trade fair and tiange,'Karera ng Tiburin', search for Barako ng Bayan, and parlor games.

Venue          :Lipa City
Date            :December 11-16
Organizer   :DOT-Region IV
                   Tel. # 524-1969/1528

                  Lipa City Tourism Council
                 Tel. # (043) 312-1399/312-0360


The festival gives emphasis to this native delicacy made of glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar and salt. It features the biggest Bod-bod that would weigh as much as eighty kilos and requires ten persons to prepare the delicacy, and the smallest Bod-bod that would come served inside a matchbox. Bod-bod making contest gives the Tanjayanons the chance to show their natural expertise on the art of making the delicacy. While Bod-bod eating contest will give the town's visitors the real treat of their lives when they outdo each one in consuming a winnow (nigo) of the delicacy.

Venue          :Tanjay City, Negros Oriental
Date           :December 14-16
Organizer   :DOT-Region VII
                    Tel. # (032) 254-6077/6650/3534


Celebration of the town's major produce, rice cake (puto). Some of the highlights are Best Puto design contest. Best ways to present puto, street dancing and cultural performances. s.
Venue          :Calasiao, Pangasinan
Date            :December 26-28
Organizer   :DOT-Region I
                    Tel. # (072) 888-2411/700-5780

                    Mayor's Office

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Source: Department of Tourism