When I was young, I saw beautiful life ahead of me. Like the picture below, life offer vibrant colors, crystal clear water and blue sky. I remember, I always wanted to live a simple, carefree, and conservative life. But as we grow older, we met people smarter than we are and we learn from them. Suddenly, our priorities changed. We explore the fast-changing world and see a diversified world of high technology and industries. We wander, we forced to hide ourselves pretending to live smart, updated with fast-paced technology. Our definition of serenity is no longer peace but entertainment....

Photo Credit: Marcial Bolen

As I reflect today, I see myself  in the middle of crossroads. I want to retire and go back but the other part of me don't want to embrace the primitive way of life no more. I want to retire with both worlds around me. I realized, I need money to make the two worlds go round dandy. I should have a game plan to achieve the goal of saving money. Searching the world wide web for tips for budgeting, I have created my budget planner. I am committed to live my life and hopeful that it would be a success.