Elements of Four "S" Perfectly Blended at Silk Thai Cuisine, Serendra

Thai Style Beef with Oyster Sauce, Black Fungus and Bamboo Shoot

Sweet, Spicy, Salty and Sour...

the four fundamental flavors of Thai Cuisine,

Allows me to taste it's perfect balance stylishly,

At the cozy Silk Thai Cuisine located in the high-end Serendra Lifestyle Mall, Fort Bonifacio.

Because I was 30 minutes late to the event,  I've got limited pictures. 

On my plate:

Seafood Satay - Marinated Squid, Shrimp and Snapper Fillets on skewers.

Tung Tong - Crispy Shrimp and Coriander-Filled Pastry. Crisp pastry filled with chopped prawns and coriander paste.

Vegetable Filled Roti - Crisp unleavened flat bread filled with melange of vegetables with a Thai Curry Dipping Sauce.

Thai Style Apple and Mango Salad - Som tam style salad composed of grated apple and green mango dressed in a sour vinaigrette.

Vinegar and Chili Sauce, Cucumber Dipping Sauce, Peanut Sauce

Apart from their well known Thai curry dipping sauce,

I would need to give a big round of  applause to the above sauces,

The sauces tasted like of Filipino, but more refined though. 

Our vinegar is the sourest, the more sour, the better. In Thai cuisine, there's balance.

Chicken Khao Soi / Chiang Mai Curry Noodles

Chicken Khao Soi / Chiang Mai Curry Noodles is a popular dish in Thailand made of noodles in a freshly made curry soup, topped with tender pieces of chicken, crispy fried egg noodles, coriander, onions, and peppers.

Silk has a pleasant wine selection that pairs well with flavors of Thai Food.. Cocktails include Pandan Martinis, Lemongrass Martinis, and Silk's own Ginger Zinger.

Quest for the Perfect Orange-y Belt is Over with PabDer Belt

According to fashion media, online, print and tv, pastel colors will be the "in" colors for this year.

As for me, in my effort to create my own style, 

I'll choose White, Brown, Royal Blue,  Black and Orange.

I have a handwritten list of my things to purchase,

Most are gadgets, clothes and accessories.

Orange-y belt that would complements denim, khakis, corduroys and chinos was I think listed January last year.

My plan was: look for authentic leather, durable, fashionable, and timeless belt. Not to mention a belt that wont be out of fashion no matter what the trend would be.

Budget: Php 1500, that was January 2011.

I've searched on the high-end and local fashion boutique...

to the malls, relief store, market, tiangge, online...name it

I wasn't able to find one that would meet my personal requirements,

It's either, more than my allocated budget or I think it would quickly goes out of trend.

Until one day in December while shopping for my holiday gifts,

I came across  this perfect-for-my-fashion-taste belt in PabDer store in Trinoma....

It was a little bit pricey, Php 1380. Still in my allocated budget.

I decided to wait for my bonus to purchase it.

When I came back on the 15th of December, this Pabder belt was on SALE!

50% off ?!! I bought it immediately.

However, 32 size wasn't available. So I bought the 38 size and had it cut.

Pabder store have that machine to cut belt according to your size.

Tip: If your size is 30, have your belt cut to 32 inches.

Here, take a look how it complements my Memo denim.

Oh, its not actually Orange-y but red as they described on the package. But this is the color I was picturing out for less than a year of searching...

Sail Away with Puerto Galera Yacht Club

Destination: PHILIPPINES, Mindoro Island, White Beach

Picture this! Me, sailing in a white catamaran, wearing solid white, stylish yachting clothes, while sea breeze blowing on my face on a sunset cruise.... Socializing in beautiful, tropical Puerto Gallera with like minded individuals, reveling the pleasures of sailing.....

Oh yes, my mind was sailing away when I told you that I'm planning to revisit Puerto Gallera.

You know what?  I did! But I didn't go cruising  :-(


'Twas my second time to visit the jewel of Mindoro province later last year with my favorite travel buddies Peachy and Anney. Our cousin Joff , CIL Beck, and niece Shy joined us to celebrate Ykaie's Hawaian themed Birthday Party.

We took a bus from Buendia terminal to Batangas pier, about three hours ride. Ticket was Php 170 per person. When we reached Batangas Port,  Father and Son Lines crew arranged our transfers to and from Puerto Gallera.I forgot how much it cost but what I remember was we also paid P50 environmental fee and the P30 terminal fee each.

I would say that it is the most favorite destination of the residents of Metro Manila because of its proximity to the City. During long weekends and holidays, local and foreign tourists flocks to this beautiful destination. Im sure, rates are kinda high during those seasons.

I've found out, there are many reason to revisit Puerto Gallera if you hoped for water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and my ultimate dream....cruising.

Puerto Gallera has three ports, Sabang , Muelle, and White Beach. Anney, picked White Beach the farthest of the three. Our first stop was Sabang, the ferry  needed to drop and pick-up passengers. Argh... the long wait was killing me. Next time, I'll DIY my transfers so that I could save time to enjoy my trip.

Next ferry stop was at Muelle, located on the northeast coast of Mindoro Island.

Inside a historic, natural typhoon shelter.....

.... there lies all the glory of Puerto Galera Yacht Club at approximately N13° 30.75' E120° 57.25' 

Look! a parade of  white and blue yachts! 

The yachts were very shy, unaware of the their beauty capturing my soul...

My growing desire to cruise was haunting me again when I saw these beautiful yachts silently seducing me,   but sailing was out of the picture when we planned this three day vacation. 

On other day in paradise perhaps, I convinced myself.

I wish I could print it like the way I see it in my naked eye. 

So here, I made this post to remind me of this personal goal. 

Plus, I made a little research on how much would it cost. 

Puerto Galera Yacht Club offers sailing courses (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) cover three days of full time tuition with maximum time on the water. Sailing courses are supervised by a full-time instructor, safety boat and crew. All safety equipment is provided as part of the course fee. Click here for the rates and thorough information.

I think, I'm gonna revise my bucket list and put cruising on the top list of the things I need to do before I die...hmmm..

Puerto Galera Yacht Club

P.O. Box 30450 Sto Niño
Puerto Galera
Oriental Mindoro

Email: clubhouse@pgyc.org
Telephone: +63 43 287-3401
Facsimile: +63 43 287-3401
Mobile Phone: +63 917-520-5874