Silver Crown Food Center

Another favorite Chinese restaurant of mine is the Silver Crown Food Center located in Monumento.

What I like about Chinese food here in the Philippines is because its cheap and its servings are big enough for my appetite. Plus, I just love Chinese food. The sweet and sour Pata Tim, Sisig, and Glazed Chicken are very delightful in my eyes and in my taste buds as well.

Pata Tim Php 98.00

Sisig Php 80.00

Glazed Chicken Php 120.00 (half)

Remember that Chinese food are loaded with salt, sugar and oil and if you are not careful, it gives you a load of calories. Here in Silver Crown, they also serve real Calamansi Juice to contrast the deadly fatty but delightful Chinese food.

Calamansi Juice Php 15.00