A Brand New Year

I never knew that this year was branded until I wrote this post’s title. Ha ha ha. I don’t think it’s appropriate, do you? Or should I call it a Grand New Year? Hmmmm…I think it would be at Grandest if I would be able to achieve the 10 YES and dump 10 NO NO’s in my New Year resolution.


1.) Learn. Life is about forgetting the answers and enjoying the questions. Commit myself to live a curious Life.
2.) Job Overseas
3.) Eat healthy and learn how to cook.
4.) Stop Smoking (?)
5.) Out of the Country getaway
6.) Relax in Coron, Palawan
7.) A DSLr
8.) Blackberry Torch
9.) Desktop
10.) Above all, Love God, Family and Friends. The love is so sweet.

Contentment is ageless they say. But being contented would stop me from achieving the above mentioned goals. I guess, I should stop complaining but work harder this year to be stable financially, emotionally and physically.


1-10) Stop Complaining.