Resort Review | Grand Villa Resort

What a shame that the Grand Villa Resort looks like a haunted school like those you see on creepy TV show rather than a Hispanic-Balinese inspired resort as their website claimed about. I've documented too much of negativity about this resort and I think it’s unfair not to share its highlights.

Spacious - the resort is nestled in 22-hectare property with manicured grass The greenery was pleasing to the eyes. Rome with his cousins and nieces had a lovely walk across the open grounds. The cool wind from the nearby Mt. Makiling was refreshing on their hot summer day.

There are plenty of function rooms available with name such as Mariposa Hall. The highlight of the resort is the big swimming pool. Rome's nieces had enjoyed swimming all day long with occasional interruption for Anney's photo session. There's ample of places to be photographed and Anney, as always, was unstoppable.

The Ayala Triangle Project - Omakase

 Stuffed Chicken (Chicken roll with bacon inside served with tartar sauce) Php 230.00

The connotation of Japanese food, for me, was looking good but tasting bad. That was before I tried to dine-in at Omakase in Ayala Triangle Gardens last month. There was a scary moment on my way to the restaurant as I compose myself to taste raw food. Honestly, I am not a fan of raw Japanese food but they say that the better way to appreciate food is eating it raw. I admire Japanese food presentation though. I've tried to eat sushi multiple times when I was working in Hotel Fleuris in Palawan where we have a Japanese restaurant (We Be Sushi) but I really didn't like it. Maybe today it would be different, I told myself.

Upon entering the restaurant I was greeted with a warm welcome by the staff wearing black Japanese inspired dress at the door before being taken to a well lit table at the corner of the restaurant. The restaurant has a polished interior and smart furnishings against the backdrop of soft sweet music. Half empty when I arrived, the same staff assisted me throughout the menu and invited to try Kani Miso, a Japanese soup made of crab stick, wakamo and spring onion while finalizing my order. I decided to skip my plan of eating raw Japanese food when I saw their Stuffed Chicken from the menu. The soup was warm and tasted good. As I sipped the soup I noticed that the restaurant has an al fresco area overlooking the greenery of the Ayala Triangle Garden. In the central business area of the busy Makati City, Omakase is a good area for a solitude lunch for anyone.

 Kani Miso (crabstick, wakamo, spring onion) Php 55.00 Kalamansi Juice, Php 60.00

Twenty minutes after, my order arrived: California Maki, Stuffed Chicken, and Kalamansi Juice were placed on my table. I was very much looking forward to tasting the food. The waiter told me that Banana Nut a la Mode will be served later and asked me if I need anything else. I asked a glass of water. Apart from me asking a glass of water, the service was impeccable.

 California Maki, Php 140.00

The California Maki was beautifully presented. I could smell the wasabi that I hate. There's the classic taste of California Maki, it was good but nothing's new. The highlight of my culinary evening is the stuffed chicken: Chicken roll with bacon inside served with tartar sauce. The smell of bacon,  crunchiness of the chicken skin and the creaminess and tartness of Tartar sauce was divine. The portion was good for two but just enough for my big meaty appetite. Not powdered, my juice was from fresh local citrus fruit, Kalamansi, which I really liked. I sealed my Japanese cuisine dinner with Banana Nut a la Mode; 4 pieces of banana spring rolls with peanut butter inside, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup on top. Overall, Omakase is perfect for rare and special occasions. The food is really good.

 Banana Nut a la Mode, Php 120.00

Food Quality : 5
Ambiance      : 5
Service          : 4
Cost/Prices    : 4

The project's criteria are; Food Quality, Ambiance, Service, and Cost/Prices, where  Five (5)   indicates "Exceptional Experience", Four (4)  indicates a place "worth a comeback", three (3)  means "a casual place to eat", two (2)   means "acceptable", and one (1))   means "poor".

Omakase Japanese Cuisine
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave., Bel-Air
Makati City, Metro Manila

Phone:(02) 467 3150

The project's criteria are; Food Quality, Ambiance, Service, and Cost/Prices, where  Five (5)   indicates "Exceptional Experience", Four (4)  indicates a place "worth a comeback", three (3)  means "a casual place to eat", two (2)   means "acceptable", and one (1))   means "poor".