Breaking Dusk: Spectacular Sunset and Supermoon in Bellarocca

Bellarocca's way to label the end of unforgettable day was so splendid. She broke a beautiful dusk before she fell asleep that night to please her guests even more. Her generosity was unwearied as she painted the horizon with stunning sunset of different shades of red, orange, and gold while her visitors gathered at the pier celebrating with sunset cocktails in hands, cheering for life.

From his point of view, Rome admired the spectacular golden sun rays around him on a gloaming twilight. Their group was very impressed as the sun went down over the horizon with such a captivating scenery. Sunset brought a remarkable change on the entire island, transforming its bright white villas and terrazas into a chameleon that briefly glows gold to red before working its way through the full gamut of blues, silvers and greys.

Unlike any other ordinary night, she commanded the moon to appear brighter and bigger on clear skies in all its glory against Mt. Malindig. Its brightness reflected on the white Mediterranean inspired Pavilion. They all gazed at the lunar perigee of super moon as it ascended.

A rare full moon at its closest distance to earth and a scenic sunset were magical moments, Rome thought. Somehow, it reminded him of the special relationship he has with everything around him..."We are all related and connected together in this universe. We are all part of God", he said.