2013 Planner Battle: Starbucks Versus Seattle's Best

Oh yeah, I have plenty of plans next year that one planner cannot cover it all, lol. So,  these planners from Starbucks and Seattle's Best would definitely be filled-in my yearlong desires and fantasies. Actually, I owned just two, the white from Starbucks and blue from Seattle's Best. The green one was loaned from my officemate, Ryan, for the photoshoot.

My cousin Peachy gave her Seattle's Best Planner to me because she got one from Starbucks. But I liked the Starbucks planner the first time I saw it so I decided to collect stickers as early as November. I finally claimed my Starbucks Planner last week and darn, I love it! If you doesn't have a planner yet and thinking what to get, this post will definitely help you decide.

Starbucks planner in a box or Seattle's Best planner in a bag? Lets bring them out of their cases and check out what's the best 2013 planner between the two. Opps apologies for the coffee stain. Both planners are in leather covers: Starbucks with hard leather cover and Seattle's Best with soft leather cover. Choose what suits you.

On a small steel on its lock, you could ingrave your name and phone number on Seattle's Best planner. You might lost it in the future but you have a chance to get it back. What I liked was Starbucks' magnet lock, with that innovative design, it is very convenient to open and close so whenever I have an idea I could easily write it down before the idea pave away. I  have to admit: I have a bad memory (could be a sign of aging), so I had to chose the convenience.

Seattle's Best planner was bound in rings. Turning pages is quite difficult when I was checking it out and pages could easily lose out from the ring binds if the binds were not locked in properly. Starbucks planner however, was bound like a book and it was kinda hard to write if its new because the pages were "attached" to each other. Both planner covers are reusable though.

Freebies!!! Freebies!!! Internet people would definitely choose Seattle's Best freebies with its 24 hours free WiFi connection plus more. Starbucks has thirteen “kindness cards” with different Starbucks treats and may be redeemed at any Starbucks store during a specified period in 2013.

My personnal choice is Starbucks' planner not just because it comes with a cool magnetic bookmark but I think it's more durable.