Kids Tea Party

Since we are planning to have a slumber party next month and its 90 percent sure to push through, we will also be going to prepare a small tea party to my nieces to keep them preoccupied. My four nieces are hyperactive little princesses, I'm sure they will steal our catch up moments together. So we decided to look for childrens entertainer to facilitate the kids tea party while we are re-bonding.
We will be preparing some cool foodies and fun activities for kids too. We've decided to prepare the classic, sweet, Filipino style spaghetti, hot dog on a stick and barbecue. Peanut butter and cheese sandwhich will be served too. We're not sure if we'll be giving them fried chicken because its their everyday meal already. We were talking if they will eat fruits and veggies instead of meat (which I doubt). My sissy wants to prepare finger foods, fruits and veggies. In the meantime, we are not yet decided. We are still researching for delish but affordable menu and recipes for kid's party. The little angels requested ice cream perhaps we could make banana split for them.
As for the activities, we'll be having coloring books and  post card making contest. Im sure the kids will enjot this activities and they will have a fun time.

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