It was right after almost an hour of Snorkeling, swimming, and fish feeding when we were told to be ready, we're about to go to our next destination: Secret Lagoon. 

I was skeptical at first and planning to just wait by the boat and spend more time swimming because of bad experiences I've read online. I tried to convinced the first-timer Trixie that it's just a waste of time, nothing to see, but she's very persistent to just see the lagoon. She recalled my promise to be her personal tour guide when we were planning this vacation, so I had no choice but go.

Contrary to its name, "Secret Lagoon" in Miniloc Island doesn't seem so secret anymore. Perhaps, tourists were so curious by its name that they don't want to miss the lagoon while on island hopping to see its "secret"? The beauty that enchants me years ago when we were in El Nido for our thesis is now gone. That's the painful secret. 

Fascinating as it may seem but beauty turns ugly when it’s devoured, disturbed and consumed. 

Nature has a mystery of beauty. Supposedly, it should be the closest thing to heaven, to experience paradise where you feel total serenity inside the lagoon alone, surrounded by crystal clear waters. The moment flashed back when I was floating here uninterrupted looking through the limestone cliffs that open to blue sky but it was more than ten years ago when influx of tourists are low and visitors are responsible, knows how to respect the nature, and protect the environment. 

This time it’s different. It was chaos. 

Secret Lagoon in El Nido is exhausted – it needs rest to heal and be essential again back to it's purpose.

I may recommend you to skip this part if you are scheduled to enter at the middle of bustling crowd. In case you are the first group to enter the lagoon, first thing of the day, then fine,  you may proceed to go through small hole of the limestone rocks crawling against the sand and rocks and you may be lucky enough to see the untouched scenery with clear green water. Protective gear is advised but you can go through without any. Just be careful.

Last Stop: Commando Island