Coffee, Tea and Me - Starbucks' Via

Whatever you call it, for me, it's not just an instant coffee but instant bliss. For just Php 130.00, you can have 3 great cups of coffeeAnytime you want, anywhere you are. A cup of instant coffee that's rich and full-bodied like their fresh-brewed. It is 100% natural roasted coffee, packaged in a protective atmosphere, microground to release its rich aroma and full flavor.

When you dont have the time, or perhaps the inclination to brew a whole pot - this is perfect for road trips, all-nighters (like me), unexpected guests, groggy housemates, and workaholics.

The watery, bad taste broth of coffee in the office is a pretty sad affair. Forget everything you think you know about ready brew coffee. It tastes as bold and flavorful as any cup of freshly-brewed. It packs up light and helps make any journey a pleasant one. It is good to know that in the face of extraordinary circumstances, you have a bold partner by your side. Just like Via, ready and willing in a matter of seconds, you can count on to go any distance.

'Ole Havaianas

My first havaianas was the classic, limited edition, Cartonistas. Cozy to use at work during dress down days, comfy to use everyday at home (pambahay).

Never had I worn flip-flops that felt like home to my feet. Havaianas is great for almost any occasion. I never know that I would get hooked on it.  Then there's another havaianas I have encountered in the mall and I loved it.  I liked it to the point that I used it everyday at home, going to the wet market, mall, outing, church and party. They are the ultimate "do anything" shoe. I overused it for almost 2 years, they're now, the classic example of ruined, exhausted, injured and destructed havaianas.

Take a closer look at it,  the "s" was torn and the below picture shows "avaiana". I figured,  It is the time to purchase a brand new one, doncha think?