As half of the world are experiencing more scorching temperatures this weekend and the Philippines braces for heavy rain, flooding and upcoming typhoon, here I am dreaming and thinking about what happened two years ago when Trixie and I visited the famous El Nido where its beach, enchanted lagoons, and limestone cliffs makes every hour of our travel worth it. It’s been voted world’s best multiple times — and it’s a magical beauty. The sea is warm, lagoons are for paddling, coral reefs for snorkeling scattered from island to island around Bacuit bay.

It's been a day of island hopping and we headed to our last destination: Seven Commando Beach. This is where we spent the remaining time of the day to relax and cool-off extra adrenaline and enjoy a glass of cold refreshments and food sold at the beach. 

Food, iced cold beer, margaritas, and seasonal fruit shakes are available from the beach's bar. I had mango shake prepared by this young boy whom I learned as the son of the owner of the nearby cottages along the shore, spending his summer vacation worthy attending their small bar. Mango shake was rich, sweet and creamy, not bad for a price of Php 120.

Boats were already lined up at the best spot of the shore and the beach was already crowded when we arrived. All nipa huts are occupied by tourists so we roam around and  swung the tree swings we found at the beach. Trixie proceeded to swim for the last time as I headed to the shore and enjoyed the sunset scenery.

Seven Commando Beach is a nice place to chill. The sun shines directly at Seven Commando Beach which makes it ideal for sunbathing. It has a wide sandy beach lined with coconut trees and you can do a lot of activities.