Photo of the Week | Sunset in the Pacific

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a very memorable weekend and was able to relax and recharge. Sharing with you all is another picture picked from my archive. One of the best golden sunsets I captured during one of our family getaways somewhere in a tropical beach in Batangas, Philippines. Do you want this to be your desktop background? You may contact me should you want to purchase any pictures from my Photo of the day or Photo of the Week posts. I'll give you raw and larger images for a small fee.

So how would you describe this image? For some, probably for those who are less stressed in life or doesn't care about beauty and art of nature, it’s just a beautiful sunset. It could be a painting by Claude Monet or maybe a scattered gold and champagne in the universe for those who have an artistic viewpoint.

I remember spending the end of that day by the beach with a glass of cocktails in hand, watching small forces of waves broke the shore, perhaps the only chaos in the stillness of the golden sea, I thought. But instead of awful memory it served incredible beauty. The small foggy sands closer to shore get tossed and turned in the foam, leading to mixes of golden colors. It was bewitching and magical performance every time each wave touched the stones.  Simply astonishing while the show goes on, each wave that arose looked gorgeous than before and binds golden hues to allure.

Simply astonishing, God's handiwork at its finest.

Reflecting to my life's story, it's another sunset I beg not to discuss again. Writing this post surrounded by different "sunsets of life" behind this walls of PGH's Oncology building, I saw golden sunset painted all over my Nanay's face where each line has a beautiful meaning.

Sometimes, the most beautiful images or moments come from the most unexpected everyday events like this. It's so amazing how a change in perspective can add so much more meaning to something we often take for granted. This image is not just beautiful and stunning, it is another life’s lesson to take in. Just breath and...

"Don't be afraid to look again."