Jonathan Paul Fitover Sunglasses

Do you wear prescription glasses and find yourself in constant search of a good pair of sunglasses that will fit over them? Fitover Sunglasses are the perfect complement to your prescription eyeglasses. Jonathan Paul's Fitover Sunglasses come in fashionable designer styles. These are the sunglasses that Will Smith wears in Hancock and they look awesome!

I chose The Navigator Collection, it was designed to be worn over medium-large prescription Eyewear frame shapes.


    * PDX™ PolarDynamiX™ Polarized Lenses
    * Polarized Side Shields
    * PDX™ Amber, PDX™ Gray, PDX™ Blue Mirror, PDX™ Yellow, & PDX™ Roadster Lenses
    * Wrap around 100% UVA & UVB Protection
    * Hypo-allergenic Crystal Nylon™ Frame
    * Helps prevent Cataracts

Accessories Included:
Velcro carrying case with sport clip
Detachable neck cord
Micro-fibre cleaning cloth