Tamaraw Beach Resort, Puerto Galera

Destination: Tamaraw Beach Resort,
Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro

They trooped to the nearby resort when the sun was about to set. Rome treated them for dinner. Ironically, they ordered breakfast dishes. Pictures he took using Anney's expensive lens where kinda blurry so he opted not to show it to y'all.

They explored the place, unlike the neighboring White Beach, the resort was almost deserted. The kids found a playground at the end of the resort, they don't want to leave the place when Anney called them for their photoshoot.

A lot of convincing powers were exerted before they agreed to strike some pose. At the end of the resort, rock formations became their backdrop and medium for the photoshoot.

What a fun way to end their trip. For Rome twas a great day-off from a week of loaded work. They hiked back to their cottage and get ready to go back to Manila the following morning.

V.I.P. Access at Epic's First Year Anniversary, Boracay Island

Wearing their white outfits, party animals raised a glass of bubbly champagne when Epic threw a big party for their first year anniversary later last year. We were told that the dress code would be white. Heavenly it was! because most party people came in with their white dresses. The perfect setting: white beach!

With the purchase of VIP access (Php 3000), we joined them. It was Absolute-ly the best party we had in the party island of Boracay. The fee includes a bottle of Absolute Kurant, and unlimited cherries and soda plus "pulutan" (finger food) of our choice. We've been told that the dress code would be white. 

Bad feelings were under the bridge. "All the problems you were going through have been kicked out the door", dj announced to the crowd before collaborating and entertained us with such a good choices of pop songs. 

After sinking some alcohol, the party spirit was up! Josh's kick up her heels and had a good time. Carl took off his shirt as they entered the dance floor. We partied until the early hours of the following morning.

It was a wild party that some pictures are not allowed here, only decent ones hehehe.