The First Awkward Moment of 2012 Happened...

...when I was tired from a short trip out of the Metro.

And when I get back, everyone was very busy preparing for the new years eve,

And I was very dizzy from lack of sleep,

I was very tired,

And intoxicated with Absolut Vodka from last night's VIP access at Epic in Boracay island.

then Anney asked me to light the sparklers to do our yearly tradition,

Just like last year....

we trace the upcoming year in the air using sparklers.

Just when the sparklers were about to ran out after series of photo shoot.

Anney didn't get her perfect photo yet.

And we don't have another set of sparklers anymore.

Here's what I did....


Am I excited for 2015?

Or is it 201S?

Good thing was we were able to buy another set of sparklers

And Joff replaced me on my task.


Happy New Year!!!