Island Packed Lunch

Sometimes, we tend to regret about our journey but never the destination and of course, the food. Check out my spectacular Kayangan Lake Experience, the experience I'd never forget! Below are the foodies we had for our lunch.

We had fresh steamed crab and chicken adobo. The classic steaming recipe is one of the best ways to enjoy fresh crab. The crab meat was naturally sweet. Of course, the quintessential Philippine stew, Adobo. Another variation of its kind with sweet potatoes. 


When I was young, I saw beautiful life ahead of me. Like the picture below, life offer vibrant colors, crystal clear water and blue sky. I remember, I always wanted to live a simple, carefree, and conservative life. But as we grow older, we met people smarter than we are and we learn from them. Suddenly, our priorities changed. We explore the fast-changing world and see a diversified world of high technology and industries. We wander, we forced to hide ourselves pretending to live smart, updated with fast-paced technology. Our definition of serenity is no longer peace but entertainment....

Photo Credit: Marcial Bolen

As I reflect today, I see myself  in the middle of crossroads. I want to retire and go back but the other part of me don't want to embrace the primitive way of life no more. I want to retire with both worlds around me. I realized, I need money to make the two worlds go round dandy. I should have a game plan to achieve the goal of saving money. Searching the world wide web for tips for budgeting, I have created my budget planner. I am committed to live my life and hopeful that it would be a success.

Devour at Mahogany Market, Tagaytay


After the Sonya's Bountiful Lunch and One Tagaytay's Refreshing Breakfast, we then proceeded to Mahogany Market. Our continuous culinary tour in Tagaytay will not be completed if we didn't experience the famous Bulalo. Where else could you taste it?... (drum roll) ..... Mahogany Market!

Adobong Pusit

Sinaing na Tulingan

My cousins and nieces won't just settle for less as we all love foodies regardless of fat visibility (lol). We also ordered Ukoy(shrimp fritters), Adobong Pusit (Squid cooked in vinegar and soy sauce), Sinaing na Tulingan (Mackarel tuna wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in vinegar), Fried Pork Intestines, Kare-kare(popular beef dish with vegetables flavored by peanut sauce) And Lechon Kawali (deep fried pork belly).

The banana called Señorita

 While we were waiting for the foodies to be served, we had an unlimited supply of banana called Señorita. This was supposedly for dessert but I can't wait for that when I smelled the aroma of the banana. Sweet!

Fried Pork Intestines


Lechon Kawali

I have told you about bulalo before. It has been my favorite beef dish for quite some time. I have tasted different version of it but nothing compares to my Tita Eva's bulalo, I hope I could feature her recipe sometime. Here is the photo of Mahogany's bulalo and Ate Nydia's battle to get the bone marrow, the essence of every bulalo I would say.


bulalo's bone marrow

Conquering Coron - Siete Pescados

The best and most affordable way to travel alone is to plan a do-it-yourself (DIY) itinerary ahead of time. Traveling in a group could be a lot fun but I found serenity and peace in travelling alone. Sometimes, when everything is falling into the right place, we still wonder or feel that something is missing, It's the time to spend alone. It is kind of special feeling out of the sea alone, sailing on the cool and bright clear water. Once in a while, I choose to travel alone. This is an annual activity to renew my inspiration. Later this year, I spent 4 days in Coron, Palawan.

Day One; Siete Pescados. It is a group of seven small islands strung between Coron & Busuanga islands. A Marine Sanctuary  and a protected area in Coron, one of the best snorkeling spots in Coron Island. It is close to the town, about 15 minutes away by sea. Along the way we were entertained with a story by our boatman. He told us the myth of  Siete Pescados. It was named after seven sisters who went swimming against their mother’s wishes, who were said to have drowned in the area after a strong typhoon. Afterwards, seven small islands rose from the sea

Entrance Fee is Php 100.00. The area is really good for snorkeling. The water is super clear. Abundant corals, fish of varied colors and species. The beauty underneath is indescribable, too bad, my underwater camera didn't work.

My original plan is to roam around the town and visit the Municipal Tourism Office but something came up. From where I was billeted, I've met Sharlene and Philllip. They invited me to join  them, FOC. I took the opportunity and changed my itinerary right away.  They were very accommodating, we talked about places they been to, people they met, and experiences they had done. I was envious with the nature of their work, they have the opportunity to travel while working. One thing I never forget about travelling alone is meeting well traveled people like them. Somehow, I learned a lot. It was an unforgettable experience.

Next stop, The Kayangan Lake.

Strategic Shakeys

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my business-minded friend. We chose to meet up at Shakeys in Monumento near MCU for a small snack because both of us just had lunch. I love this branch, it's accessible, spacious and tidy. Shakeys is a chain of restaurant famous for gourmet pizza. Finger food is what we wanted, we ordered their yummy and golden Mojo Potatoes to fill the gaps between. I think it is more famous than their pizzas. There are so many clone, deep fried potato wedges from other restaurants I've been to but not a single one close to it. For me, I would rather choose Mojos than french fries. It is always the best.

Mojo Potatoes

We talked about the different strategies of establishing a lucrative business. The technological advancements, popularity of internet especially social media sites and globalized economy has paved way for some of most lucrative business ideas and that should be something to be considered. We have so many ideas of creating a business but we settled to put up a restaurant. Maybe we're just day dreaming.  We want to start small and later to franchising and branching out. Next step should be branding. We check the world wide web and what we found out was logodesigns is very important to make your business shine above the rest. Well, we really need to think carefully about a perfect logo before proceeding.

Where to Eat in Coron: Coron Hilltop View Resort

Balinsasayaw Soup (Php 39.00)

I'm sure, one of your planned destinations this summer is to go swimming into the magnificent Kayangan lake in Coron, Palawan. I'm glad I did it early. The thing that  I hate about going to the beach is I don't want to sun bath on a crowded beach so I have decided to advance my trip to avoid the large influx of tourist this peak season. It was last week of January when I  conquered Coron alone. I will post my adventure on my travel blog ( ) this week. What I'm going to share to you is my delightful culinary experience in the booming town of Coron.

Lumpiang Shanghai (PhP 115.00  )

Good thing that I had a chance to dine to different eatery and restaurant around the town, I know where to eat next time. I would say that the most affordable and decent place to dine in Coron is the Coron Hilltop View Resort but its kinda far from the town proper. Well, 5 minutes wasn't far from where I was billeted. The place was not crowded as I have figured. I think the restaurant should be promoted or marketed actively. They could open a Facebook fan page account or signup to a small business email marketing.

Lechon Kawali (PhP 115.00  )

Huge servings of Lechon Kawali and Lumpiang Shanghai including a glass of iced tea costs Php 115 each, side dish included. The restaurant is air-conditioned and the staff were very accommodating.

Colours of Summer: Folded and Hung

The sun is shinning bright and just like you, the weather has turned so hot. This means only one thing.... Summer! Let us make this season a brighter and colorful season to celebrate life! 

The day we attended the CaliforniaBerry blogger's event, we were told to wear colorful, summery outfit.As we all knew,  combination of colors can make or break your summer outfit. I chose to wear the orange F & H  t shirt. It was a Christmas present I received from Sissy Anney. Orange, Aqua Blue, and Green, a mix that I have never thought of before, but that scream “SUMMER.” The three bright tones are perfect with white pants.

The summer was even brighter when I won the prize. I received CaliforniaBerry GCs. I had a blast! Thank you Sissy Peachy, Running Atom, and Jim for the pics.

Combi de Cuisineuer : Pancit and Cutchinta

Ahhh, I love weekends. I love the long rest, eat the food I wanna eat, read a good book, watch movies and series at the comfort of my room or simply enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing.

 Pancit and Cutchinta, another filipino favorite pair for snack. The sweetness of Cutchinta and Saltiness of Pancit is a perfect combination for Filipino taste buds. We had this when we dine in at Marina.

The Magellan's Cross and the Landmarks of Cebu City

I have been to many places, done things I never did before, met different people and encountered different culture. I am  always amazed with the landmarks of the city I've been to and fascinated with the story behind it. Every time I visit a place I made sure to take a picture of a great milestone and our 4 days/3 nights vacation in Cebu City is no exception. The City has many religious, historical and architectural landmarks to be visited. The city's most famous landmark is the Magellan's Cross.

You never been to this city if you never saw this landmark. The cross is a symbol of Cebu. Gotta make sure to take a photo of it when you visit the Queen City of the South. Magellan's Cross is a Christian cross planted by Portuguese, and Spanish explorers as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan upon arriving in Cebu in the Philippines on April 8, 1521. It is housed in a chapel next to the The Santo Nino Church and Convent on Magallanes Street, adjacent to the city hall of Cebu City. 

The Cebu Provincial Capitol is the seat of the provincial government of Cebu in the Philippines. It is dramatically positioned at the end of a grand perspective of a new avenue, Osmeña Boulevard. The City of Cebu is the capital city of Cebu and the second most significant metropolitan centre in the Philippines and known as the oldest city established by the Spaniards in the country.

Our Cebu Adventure was really fun and educational I would say. Cebuanos are warm and accommodating people. The Visayan culture is rich not to mention their original and sweet-sounding dialect. I feel  privileged, my friends brought me to an unforgettable getaway.

Food Headline: Breakfast at Marina

Talabang Ilonngo (oysters)  PhP 235

Never that I feel so voracious last Sunday. Before proceeding to the CaliforniaBerry's Event, Glady's once again provided me and Trixie with free, entertainment, rumor and Filipino buffet breakfast at Marina in SM Skygarden. The free all you can eat breakfast costs PhP 149.00 per person. Yes, the Oysters above is not included on the buffet's selection of  well-loved Filipino breakfast dishes.

Scrammbled eggs, beef tinapa, chinese ham, and pork tocino

"Where are you? Buffet breakfast will be closed at 10:00 a.m", she said on a text message. I was on my way in a taxi, I was like 5 minutes away and a little bit afraid of not making it. Fortunately, I arrived at 9:45 and I have 15 minutes to fill in my plate with food from the almost empty chafing dishes. Marina opens its doors for breakfast at 6:00 AM. If you are a big breakfast lover and having a hard time to look for a cozy ambiance restaurant at 6 AM, y'all know where to go. Head on to Marina and treat yourself to a great morning without emptying your pockets.

Fish Tinapa and Daing

Because I only have 15 minutes left, I don't have the luxury of time to waste and to choose for a good piece of food. All I have on my plate were leftovers. Scrambled eggs, beef tinapa, chinese ham, and pork tocino were still warm though. I will not recommend the rotten - taste fish daing but the tinapa was good. We also had pancit and cuchinta.

The only dessert available was melon fruit. I took it all  ( see above picture? ). Small portion, huh. I know, I am not in the right position to complain because twas time to close already. But how about a lil bit of courtesy? Nevertheless, I enjoyed the conversation and the time I spent with Gladys and Trixie. 

By the way, Gladys, I thought we'll be having coffee this afternoon. Gimme a message, my shift starts at 8:30 PM.