When People are the Tourist Attraction | Driving Away

Maybe we live and learn.

Maybe we crash and burn.

Maybe you will stay,

Maybe you will leave.

Maybe you will return.

Maybe another fight.

Maybe we won't survive.

But maybe we'll grow,

We never know....

Maybe you and I.

(lifted from Ordinary People lyrics)

Posting this picture taken somewhere along the longest beach in the Philippines, Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan using my long-time buddy, Canon EOS 550D .

Reflection to Life: 
You are the beach set in your own paradise. People come, appreciate you for who you are, use your beauty to satisfy and fill their emptiness up, some, perhaps will take advantage of your worth, some will learn from you and will value your existence. Very few will stay but majority of them will leave you behind when season change.

Stay humble. Stay free. Stay positive and always find the silver lining in each moment, bad or good.

Don't leave the door closed no matter how heartaches and disappointments crushed you. Be a blessing to everyone. Be true to yourself.

And continue to grow.