Driven by Passion

Happy Monday!

While everybody is talking about the controversial Manny Pacquiao match yesterday, I'm  thinking about signing up for French Classes in University of the Philippines in Diliman or perhaps a driving lesson. I want to gain more skills now that I've turned thirty something, I thought, Im not getting any younger for all the things that I want to do. Would it be French Class or Driving? Hmmmm, I gotta weigh-in what is the most important.

I planned learning French since last year because we are dealing with french requests in the office and learning french could speed up the whole process. Plus, my salary would increase if I have foreign language skill. On the other hand, the idea of learning how to drive pops in when my cousin bought a new car, Ianne A. (yep, her car has name and she consider it as her son! ...and yes, my nephew). She needs a reliever-driver in our future road trips and there's no other brave soul than me. 

I'm more interested in learning how to drive so earlier today when she came home from her two hours test drive, I asked her what to do. First, she said, you really need to know how to drive. And second, you need to pass the driving written exam for your driver's license. Im sure, I could easily learn driving Ianne A., I could sense the bond between us when I first saw him. I was doubtful if I could pass the driving written exam though. Online courses are expensive as I check online courses today. Luckily, I came across Dmv study guide website on which I could simply get DMV Cheat Sheets and print it so I could study while waiting to be called and pass my state’s written drivers test. Whew, I never knew that passing written drivers test is just simply! Thanks to dmv study guide!