First Job at Hotel Fleuris Palawan

My first job after college was in a standard hotel in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. I was in the front office as a clerk by day, night auditor by night at Hotel Fleuris Palawan.

I've met a lot of people from the very pleasant senior citizen, to the irate executive, to the standoffish local celebs. I had a chance to talk to them and tried to learn something from every conversation. Sad to say, most were forgotten. But there are people I wont forget.......

The front office staff from left, kuya Metho, Don Francis, Rome, the owner, Mr Archie Po, Aillen, Yves Rivera and kuya joel.                

rememberin' the days at hotel fleuris .........

 4th HF anniversary with Miss Carla, our GM.....

k' Ricky, yves, Aileen, and myself.......

with Kristine and k' Alex 

Carlo, Kristine. Josh, and Ate Ann

 ....and the beautiful hotel fleurisean!

Missing y'all! I hope one of this days, we would be able to hang out again!

Love, Rome

Amana Waterpark, Experiencing the 13 magnificent big waves

Me and my cousins, who by the way, influenced me in blogging, Blog ni Ako and  The Peach Kitchen went to Amana Waterpark last March to de-stress and to burn some calories. Amana is located in Pandi, Bulacan.

Well for me? Of course, to took the opportunity to do some pictorial, lol!

We had great time hanging out and chatting. specially the kids, they didn't mind the heat. We definitely had joy and fun in the sun!

First Time in El Nido, Palawan

When I was studying college at Palawan State University, my classmates and I went to El Nido, Palawan for our thesis. Anyway, since I'm just starting this blog, I'll start with some old photos and memories from my hometown, the far flung Island of Palawan. I'm not really from El Nido but I was raised and studied until high school at the neighboring municipality of Taytay but I claimed this municipality as my hometown too.

We took the opportunity to explore El Nido's beautiful beaches after two days of gathering data and interviews needed in our research at the Municipal Hall. We rent an exclusive boat through the help of our host.

Moving forward, here's another set of pictures. After two years or so, I decided to go back in El Nido because the place is so amazing and I always wanted to be back but its kinda expensive. When I already had a job, I saved money to experience try it again and again. In between years, I was able more of the islands.

Startin' Anew

Follow me explore the countryside... discover the City... purchase at low cost... savour beautiful moments... brunch al fresco... listen to soothing music.... discover exquisite beaches.... entertained by great movies... amazed with fast-paced technology.... share gossip... explore breathtaking landscapes..... take sumptuous dinner... appreciate serene sunrise... discuss politics and governance... lost in remarkable books...wellness and health... current events... apparel appeal.... blended refreshments.....good times.

Baby, lets cruise :-)