2011 Holiday Wishlist

Earlier today, an old beggar approached me and greeted me "Merry Christmas", I gave my iced tea. Yesterday,  I heard Christmas song playing on the radio. Yeah boy! It's Christmas time in the city. Time flies so fast and its September once again. Christmas breeze is in the air as early as September here in the Philippines. I guess it's not too early to write my wishlist for the Holiday season :-)

Desktop - Definitely, my 13th month pay will have its place already.
Lasik Eye Surgery - Not really my priority but I'm looking on some good deals online, hopefully next year.
Oven - Nope, I'm not into baking (yet) but I want to roast chicken and pork for The Cuisineuer.
Sagada Trip - Never been up there, I hope to spend some time alone in Sagada
Cambridge Satchel - Consider this as your gift, hehehe
 iPhone 5 - I accept donations to purchase this one, lol!
 A pair of shoes - yes, I would buy new shoes in December.

Note: This list could be updated in the following days.