Make a Wish

My cousins  and nieces woke me up on the eve of my birthday to greet me, sweet!

The great Birthday Quotes that was posted on my facebook wall last May 30 moved my heart. I would like to thank you all for those beautiful and meaningful messages. I lost counting all of them but I made sure I was able to reply each messages with my sincerest thank you. For those who never knew, I celebrated my birthday in Hong Kong last May 30. In the next posts, I'll share my culinary encounter in this great city. 


I was preoccupied on facebook these past few days reading some cute quotes on my friends statuses. There are sad, motivational and inspirational statuses but what caught my attention were the cute ones.   There are jokes and funny texts. I cant help but laugh alone in my room to the point that my uncle knocked on my door asking me whats going on, hilarious!