Relationships and Money

Marriages failed, friendship collides and family conflicts. From different vantage points there are many reasons on why our relationship/s turned into bad and sad story. When I looked closely and analyzed, I figured that the bottom-line concern is all about money. My viewpoint about great relationships, be it friendship, marriage and family is a lifelong partnership where both parties speak and agree about money.  However, this fact is always overlooked.

My mother often told me that the greatest investment in life is to be contented on what we have and to value health, friends and family. My father taught me another thing, “Just like other healthy relationships in your life. You should establish a strong relationship and connection with your own money. Money that you physically earn, hold, exchange, save, and invest”, my father once said. These two principles about investment from my parents are being considered by my family in investing our shared savings to the best medical penny stocks. We stand at one point that medical investment is a wise choice among the wide choice of investment vehicles both for today and tomorrow. With its low risk, the return of investment lies beyond the stocks but of our medical pension and family protection.