Octopus Restaurant: Serving the Best Mango Shake in Puerto Gallera

This refreshment is a mix between a mango smoothie and a milk shake and is smooth, creamy, and absolutely heavenly! Octopus Restaurant in El Canonero Diving Beach Resort is where you can get it. The restaurant is located in Talipanan Beach, west of the famous White Beach, Puerto Gallera.

Kayaking Onto Lumot Lake, Cavinti, Laguna

While celebrities and the privileged are trying the newfound fun water device of jetpacks, Rome and his travel companions were kayaking onto the green waters of Lumot Lake in Porta Verde Resort, Cavinti, Laguna right after the Lumot Lake Tour.

Rome and his cousins were thrilled when they saw colorful kayaks on the shore waiting to be pulled-up onto the lake. There's a minimal fee according to their tour guide. They told him to charge it to their guest folio. They chose and pulled the kayaks to the lake and they paddled across Lumot Lake for a very short time, probably 15 minutes. The kids were very eager to go back to resort's swimming pool for their last plunge before checking out. Rome managed to stay a little bit long and enjoyed the nature that he missed for so long.

Lumot in the local dialect means moss and the green water of Lumot Lake is not ideal for swimming. However, Kayak ride is a fun water sport activity in the rustic resort apart from largemouth bass fishing, waterskiing, lake touring, and rafting.