A Beautiful Bride

Here comes the month of June again - the most popular month for weddings. Contrary to what we believe, the reason has less to do with weather but with an ancient Roman goddess named Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. Traditionally, Romans chose to honor her by tying the knot in June. Like a lot of traditions, this one has been continuous around the world for such a long time.

A wedding is an occasion that calls for modesty,dignity and elegance for the bride. It is the day that she should be at her best as she vows to her beloved in front of family and friends. This should be  the happiest moments of the couples lives. Unless they have a wedding planner, this day could bring more of a curse than a blessing to the bride.  Organizing your fairytale dream wedding can be stressful. From dashing in with a pin as  your button pops off to salvaging a cake dropped by caterers. I swear, it could be very complicated. You have to prepare everything from the wedding cake, to the flowers, to the venue, to the program...etc. So, why not hire a professional wedding planner and let us focus on the most important on that occasion....your wedding dress!

I was once, wanted to be a wedding gown designer and if I had a chance to design a wedding gown, it should be flawless like the one worn by my friend and high school classmate, Abigail on her last year's wedding at the Manila Cathedral (pictured above). A good choice of fabric would make a bride radiant. A little bit of details on the lining could be as stunning as the full bedded gown. I'm not old fashioned or anything but I hate strapless wedding dresses (unless you're getting married on the beach).

The bridesmaid dress would be similar but would not outshine the bride. The bridesmaid is the origin of veil and bridesmaids were thought to act as decoys to confuse evil spirits and thus protect the bride.

Simple cut, immaculate white, something old, something new, something borrowed - Traditional. I think, that is what a beautiful bride should be.