Thankful of What I Wish For

I guess, like me, you had a fabulous Halloween, havent you? Our annual Witch themed Halloween party was incomparable. I'll share our Halloween Party on the next post.

For now, I'd like to look forward and plan ahead to the next annual event, not Christmas yet, but the Thanksgiving Day. Year 2012 has been very kind to me. I never been so contented and happy with what and where I am right now in terms of career and family relationships. I have a lot of people to thank for...y'all knew who you are. Thank you!

My plan before Thanksgiving day is to upgrade my bedroom as I always wanted to do since January but the perfect time never came to do so. What I planned for my bedroom is simple yet elegant, some kind of modern and minimalist design like our bedroom in Bellaroca. It should have a modern bedroom furniture. 

Our Terraza Room in Bellaroca

Now that I've scheduled my leave of absence in the office for one whole week, it is the right time to work on my long time desire to become a reality. Perfect timing! As the holiday season coming up, there's a lot of furniture on sale online. I've found some cute bedroom furniture on this facebook page: wholesale furniture brokers. There's one in particular that I've chosen and luckily its on sale plus delivery is free!