The “Quality Cream-based” Sauces from Clara Olé

From the family that made Pasta Sauces a true and delicious fixture in every Filipino dish, Clara Olé, a leading name in pasta sauces, tomato sauce, marinades, syrups, jams & jelly, dips n’ dressings, introduces its newest line of cream-based sauces that will surely provide delight in every family meal.

There’s no doubt that these “Quality Cream-based” sauces—Carbonara Pasta Sauce, Béchamel White Sauce, and Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce—from the Clara Olé line of products by Sysu International Inc., serves as its latest coup de grâce in the Philippine food industry.

With this trifecta of sauces, more Filipino families, working professionals and cooking enthusiasts will surely look forward to heading to the kitchen to whip up a non-stop bevy of delectable dishes using Clara Olé’s impeccable, quality sauces.

The Clara Olé “Carbonara Pasta Sauce” is a cream-based pasta sauce that’s immaculately creamy, and fuses salty, smoked bacon and cheesy flavors that will lend your pasta a rockin’ and mind-blowing taste with flavorful creaminess.

You can also use the “Carbonara Pasta Sauce” as an exciting dip for nachos, fries, potato chips, topping for sausages, as burger sauce, sandwich spread, dressing for salads and veggie sticks.

The other sauce in the line-up is the Clara Olé Béchamel, a cream-based white sauce with a masterful blend of butter, cream and cheese.

But unlike its siblings, the Béchamel, touted as one of the “Mother Sauces” of French cuisine, is primarily used as topping on baked pasta variants like the baked lasagna or baked macaroni, veggies, and can serve as filling for rolled chicken meat dishes like cordon bleu, chicken a la kiev, meat pies, and even sandwiches.

And extend its use as sauce for fried breaded meat and grilled seafood, spread for canapés, and as Dip for salted chips.

Finally, the Clara Olé “Creamy Tomato” is a cream-based pasta sauce that combines luscious cream and vine-ripened tomatoes to provide a succulent smell and heart-warming creaminess that strike every palate.

This creamy, red sauce is used mostly for pastas, and yet can extend its use by transforming to become delicious gravy for roasted or breaded chicken, as dip for fries and chips, sauce for meatloaf and potato dumplings, and even as base for tomato soup or pizza sauce. That’s talking about true variety.

So make those pasta dishes—and a whole lot more—come to life by using Clara Olé’s newest “Quality Cream-based sauces.” Truly, Clara Olé remains true to its commitment of offering value for money, convenience and excitingly delicious products for everybody’s everyday meal.

Want to see and experience for yourself how Clara Olé can transform an ordinary dish and make it spectacular? Head off now to your favorite supermarkets or grocery stores and bring home the delightful taste of Clara Olé’s “Quality Cream-based sauces” to make your every meal a true spectacle for your family and friends.

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