Pinoy Yuppies on Osama Bin Laden's Death

I love the days of less work load, letting the time pass with unlimited break and unrestricted time. I liked it when we talked about senseless, funny topic on the chat board. Today is another lousy Wednesday. Limme share to y'all the thoughts of my not-so-busy colleagues regarding the news about Osama Bin Laden's death.

Buboy: So, what d'ya think about the death of Osama?

Jen: O-sama langit nawa ang knyang libag ( I hope his dead skin cells will go to heaven)

Machette: Not sure ts Bin Laden

Yanzyboi: They have DNA

Machette: If he is really dead, they will appoint new leader. and the terrorism goes on

Buboy: I saw him earlier in Trinoma signing autographs

Machette: don't celebrate on something so trivial

Buboy: Sadly, if Osama is the number one enemy, of course there are number 1, 2, 3.....

Carol: Thats's Sharon Cunetas line! "ayoko ng number 1, kasi pag may no. 1, may no. 2, may no.3..." sagot ni Gabby " Ano gusto mo?"....sgot ni Shawie "My only one" (I dont want to be your number one because if there is number one there is number 2, number 3... Gabby: What do you want? Sharon only one)

Machette: the only thing that matters are those things that you can control but ideas brought forth by that man you ca't vanquish

Leslie: In the past, they said that Bin Laden was dead. 

Carol: it's like "you can kill the mosquito.... but you already have a dengue...." waaaaaahhh

Buboy: depends...

Carol: why?

Buboy: kasi pag lumilipad pa lang yung mosquito, tapos napalakpakan mo agad, wala pang dengue yun (Because if the mosquitto is just about to come then you air-clap to kill it, then you wont have denge)

Carol: Ahhh okay, Good Job if you kill it while its flying

Joe-ann: What a bright Idea

Buboy: Im just joking, Carol

Leslie: you should use off lotion


  Oh Boy! This is just a glimpse of what we do. Humor on the Job! Another day had passed!