Il Pirata Ristorante Italiano, Eastwood City

It was last Sunday when we went at Il Pirata in Eastwood City to celebrate blog ni ako 's 14th birthday. Posting foods on our blogs are prohibited except for her (of course it's her birthday! and she paid for it). What I'm going to show y'all is the magnificent, spectacular interior of the restaurant.

Il Pirata is a unique Italian grill and restaurant incorporating the different cultures and flavors of Italy. According to their website, their mission is "to bring to the community new Italian dishes that step beyond the bounds of the conventional Italian menu (mainly more towards Italian seafood, which is why we chose to name the establishment Il Pirata or the Pirate) and to provide our customers with a place where they can enjoy and relax"

I love this carefully carved vintage clock. 

The restaurant's interior offers a unique experience for guests and they'll  be remembering this restaurant designs. The wall and ceilings were decorated using element made from unique pieces of Italian designs.

the ceiling

Italian mirror

 gaby, ate tess and me.

 and the gang!

At the back of the restaurant is their ship al fresco dinning area.