Holiday Gift: Have a Havaianas

My goal when I received my 13th month pay was supposedly put it all in my savings account rather than treating myself with material things I've listed throughout the year - and I did! But in all honesty, I'm a little bit envious with all the new gadgets, clothes, shoes and bling blings running around the office so I bought a pair of havaianas as a holiday gift to myself. My purchase was not for luxury because its purpose is to replace my blue one, which was bought 2 years ago and is nearing its expiration. It is now again, a classic example of ruined, exhausted, injured and destructed Havaianas, lol!

Authentic Havaianas, from my experiences would last for 2 years regardless of excessive use. My very first Havs, a limited edition Cartonistas lasted for about two years until the paint turned off. Same as my black, bubble gum, and the recent. So I went to the largest Havaianas store in the country in Bonifacio High Street to check out their new edition. There are different styles and colors. Some, like my first havs are painted. I loved the framed artwork in the flip flops but I don't wanna go back to painted havs because the colors could easily paved away. So I chose this simple green pair. How about you, what's your holiday gift to yourself?