Reach Your Potential with Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizza!

Supremo, Medium P 349, Super Family P 549

Everyday, there are many reasons to celebrate.

Be it simple or great.

Be it for love, career, family...

Or perhaps for getting a new tattoo.

For ultimate achievements,

Just like what my colleague, Bobby achieved,

who just recently signed up for his regularization,


the ultimate Tuscani pizza, was his best treat for us.

with 9 choice toppings of beef, black olives with garlic and olive oil roasted bell peppers, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, onions, Parmesan, pepperoni, and smoked ham, on a bed of premium tomato sauce.

Gourmet BBQ Chicken, Medium P 319 Super Family P 499

Our Pizza party has been a tradition for the ones who'll be regularized from our group,

to celebrate one's milestone 

And mark his importance to our organization.

Bobby  surprised us with additional Gourmet BBQ Chicken.

BBQ Chicken is my favorite among  Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizzas,

it has honey BBQ sauce, marinated chicken, olive oil roasted bell peppers and red onion.

 Premium All Meat , Medium P 319 Super Family P 499

To complete our celebration,

"The Boss"  ordered  Premium All Meat online.

The best ever all-meat pizza!

With lots of bacon, beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, and smoked ham on a layer of mozzarella and parmesan cheese and premium tomato sauce.

Our order came in with three family size pan pizza, FREE!

CONGRATULATIONS BOBBY! You and Pizza Hut are simply the best!