Goal: Food Photo Bucket

Apart from my room, my computer is always a big mess with scattered pictures and downloaded videos no matter how I tried to keep it organized. So, I bought a portable external hard drive last weekend and I love it. This is a 500 gb My Passport Essential passport from Western Digital. I chose the red one because white was out of stock. It is fast using a USB 3.0 and 100% USB 2.0 compatible with 3 years limited warranty. You could download 500 photos in just 54 seconds, 2000 songs in 4 minutes, and a 2 hour HD movies in just 4.50 seconds. The hard drive can store 60 movies, 125,000 songs and 100, 0000 photos.
The real purpose of this new gadget is to create a photo back up. I am planning to do a scrap book of my food photos. That would be my goal fro the next 5 months. I would like to create photo books like those I saw online.
Another advantage of this new gadget is the WD SmartWare Software. This is visual control center with a single screen view of all my data. I could back up, retrieve, and secure my files. Whenever I add or change a file, it's instantly backed up and it has a password protection.

Define Chinese Breakfast

The below picture was my breakfast plate during our second day in Hong Kong. I am not very sure if these are the typical Chinese breakfast but these are the foods that were served in Dorsett Hotel where we stayed in for two consecutive days.

As per my research, the traditional Chinese breakfasts in Hong Kong follow those in Canton. In Hong Kong, cha chaan teng breakfasts might consist of Hong Kong-style milk tea, coffee, or yuan yang (half tea-coffee mix), served with bread (roll or toast), ham, and fried eggs (sunny-side up with 3 green peas on the side), and a bowl of macaroni in clear soup with shredded ham. That's a big breakfast, huh! I noticed that Chinese people love carbohydrates so much.  During our two days in Hong Kong, we walked a lot, most of the people do. Carbohydrate is one of the top ten energy-boosting foods, Perhaps that explains why they need a lot of carbohydrates. I've also noticed some locals on their bikes and scooters which is a good alternative if you don't want to walk but it's kinda risky considering that the road doesn’t have lane for bikers and the parking spaces were limited. I assume they have a high quality bike insurance considering that most of the bikes I saw were top of the line bikes.

Anticipating a Slumber Party

We were discussing a slumber party next month with my long lost friends. We were planning this party for like three months now but cancelled several times because our schedules don’t permit this get together to become a reality. Finally, we were able to synchronize our vacation leaves at our respective offices first week of next month.

Anyway, one of us promised to cook honey glazed chicken wrapped in bacon and the other promised to cook tuna al pesto, I decided to bring cheese and wine, I’m thinking if meridian vineyards merlot 1996 is a good one. One of our friends will bring home made potato and fruit salad while my best friend in college will join us and promised to bring pizza, Lays and Ruffles chips which by the way my favorite. 

As for the outfit, I suggested to wear white pajamas and decent night gowns to match the color of the newly renovated room. I’m so excited! We’ll be having a cooking session and photo shoot first and of course watching movies afterwards. I’ve downloaded several movies but we haven’t decided yet what to watch. This is a perfect time to bond with them and to catch things up.