Lumpia ala Dalaguete ( heart of palm spring rolls )

The deep fried Lumpiang Ubod above was made by Majal's aunt for our lunch.  Made  from coconut julienne or heart of palm, a vegetable extensively used in the Visayas. In fact, they even serve it as punch called ensalda. Normally, a Lumpiang Ubod was wrapped in egg, crepe-like spring roll wrappers with peanut sauce. Tita used the lumpiang shanghai wrapper and dip it in egg before fryng. She also prepared sweet and sour sauce instead of peanut sauce.

Its kinda weird, I thought. But when I tried it, bliss. A lumpiang ubod with a twist of crisp wrapper I would say. Nevertheless, nothing is more tastier than the utmost hospitality of the Cebuanos.

Rome the Nanny

Taking a day off from the office doesn't mean rest. Sometimes, I do part time baby sitting my nieces and nephews. I read a lot of worse baby sitting experience. One story story involves being chased around the backyard by a 5 year-old swinging a long, thick piece of metal chain above his head like a lasso.No way, my idea of baby sitting is fun. I mean, FUN.

That was tasha. She's in a hurry to be a woman. She want to put some make up on and boobs "like the grown ups", she said.  Being their favorite tito, I always spoil them and always submissive to what they want to do.

This is Simon. Disclaimer: He is not gay. He is the most mischievous among my nieces and nephews. He's actually really sweet, but somehow, I have seemed to capture his other side!