Enhance Your Kids' Culinary Talent at The Maya Kitchen

This summer, your aspiring little chefs get their chance to shine as The Maya Kitchen rolls out its Junior Culinary Workshops (JCW) on April 10-13 and Young People’s Cook-In (YPC) on April 17-20. Both sessions run from Tuesday to Friday.

In four days, boys and girls, 6-12 years old, could learn how to prepare the following: Quick & Easy Party Dishes, Classic Dishes, Nutritious Home Prepared Meals and Snacks and Desserts. Teens, 13 years old and up will learn Italian Specialties, East Meets West Menu, Delectable Treats and get the chance to join a real life Chefs’ Competition on the last day.

For a unique bonding experience with your kids, try out the Parent and Child Cooking Tandem on April 28 and May 5, 9am-1pm.

Other Lifestyle Classes for April include: Coffee 101, April 14, 1-6pm; Pastry Shop Sampler, April 21, 9am-2pm; and Frozen Delights, April 28, 2-6pm.Certificate Courses with Hands-On include: Basic Culinary is on April 10, 11, 12, 14 from 1-6pm and April 24-27, 9am-3pm. Barista starts on April 14, 1-6pm that includes 120 hours of on-the-job training. Fundamentals of Bakery Production is on April 17, 18, 19, 21, 2-6pm.  TESDA registered courses for career and professional cooks features Commercial Cooking NCII inclusive of 400 hours of lecture and demo with on-the-job training. Class starts on April 24, 9am-3pm.

For more information on other courses offerings, log on to www.themayakitchen.com  or e-mailcontactus@themayakitchen.com  or visit The Maya Kitchen Culinary Center every Tuesday to Saturday at 8F  Liberty Building, 835 A. Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road), Makati City or call 8921185 / 892-5011 local 108 / Mobile No. +63947 835 2290.

What REALLY is Brewing at NaiCha?

Shrimp Toast

The real deal in blogger's event last Saturday was to introduce Naicha's new concoction: buttery Caramel tea was based in authentic Taiwan oolong tea leaves brewed on that day and healthy Green Apple fruit juice, pureed and ice blended. Both are new to me as I stick to my ultimate favorite matcha green tea but made me realized I missed a lot of flavored teas. Now, I temporarily switch to Caramel tea.

The blogger's assembly was held at Naicha Lounge inside the LG2 Auto Haus Motor Services in Congressional Avenue, Quezon City. Tea lounge inside an automotive shop? why not? A new marketing approach to young people and car owners. Complete with WiFi access and high-definition tv, customers won't be bored waiting for their newly cleaned cars. Nice, isn't it?

Chips and Meaty dip

For me, the real deal of the event was the upcoming dishes to be served in all of their branches soon. I couldn't think of anything that complements my iced tea than cakes and pastries but NaiCha challenged my taste buds when they served Asian favorites .

Asian Tofu

To complement the refreshments, Shrimp Toast lead  the parade of delectable dishes, beautifully presented in white rectangle plate with very tasteful dip. Followed by chips and very meaty dip. I forgot the name of the below photo but it was my favorite. Nope, its not pretzels  but dried and crispy squid coated in sweet sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

It may not be good in pictures but the Pork Ribs Steak tasted so tender and flavorful. I wondered what sauce they used so I could imitate that at home and I thought I have an idea. Honestly, I tried it yesterday but I failed. I'm craving for it as I write this but I need to wait until their new menu appears.

Pork Ribs Steak

Website: NaiCha