Anticipating a Slumber Party

We were discussing a slumber party next month with my long lost friends. We were planning this party for like three months now but cancelled several times because our schedules don’t permit this get together to become a reality. Finally, we were able to synchronize our vacation leaves at our respective offices first week of next month.

Anyway, one of us promised to cook honey glazed chicken wrapped in bacon and the other promised to cook tuna al pesto, I decided to bring cheese and wine, I’m thinking if meridian vineyards merlot 1996 is a good one. One of our friends will bring home made potato and fruit salad while my best friend in college will join us and promised to bring pizza, Lays and Ruffles chips which by the way my favorite. 

As for the outfit, I suggested to wear white pajamas and decent night gowns to match the color of the newly renovated room. I’m so excited! We’ll be having a cooking session and photo shoot first and of course watching movies afterwards. I’ve downloaded several movies but we haven’t decided yet what to watch. This is a perfect time to bond with them and to catch things up.

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