Define Chinese Breakfast

The below picture was my breakfast plate during our second day in Hong Kong. I am not very sure if these are the typical Chinese breakfast but these are the foods that were served in Dorsett Hotel where we stayed in for two consecutive days.

As per my research, the traditional Chinese breakfasts in Hong Kong follow those in Canton. In Hong Kong, cha chaan teng breakfasts might consist of Hong Kong-style milk tea, coffee, or yuan yang (half tea-coffee mix), served with bread (roll or toast), ham, and fried eggs (sunny-side up with 3 green peas on the side), and a bowl of macaroni in clear soup with shredded ham. That's a big breakfast, huh! I noticed that Chinese people love carbohydrates so much.  During our two days in Hong Kong, we walked a lot, most of the people do. Carbohydrate is one of the top ten energy-boosting foods, Perhaps that explains why they need a lot of carbohydrates. I've also noticed some locals on their bikes and scooters which is a good alternative if you don't want to walk but it's kinda risky considering that the road doesn’t have lane for bikers and the parking spaces were limited. I assume they have a high quality bike insurance considering that most of the bikes I saw were top of the line bikes.



Breakfast, lunch or dinner - masarap pa rin yan!


Ooh...i love food in hong kong -- i never got that kind of breakfast though. were you able to visit charlie brown cafe? ^.^ its effin cool there ^.^