Insalata Rughetta

Here's another recipe from The Maya Kitchen by chef Roberto Chimmino during his Italian cooking demo a couple of weekends ago.This was made of  Arugula leaves with Shaved Parmesan, toasted Pine nuts and Balsamico Reduction. You might wanna try  this easy, tasty, healthy and authentic Italian recipe at home. Serves 4! Great for sharing with family or friends....

What you need:

Balsamico reduction
A cup of balsamico vinegar
Some cloves
1 pc of Garlic
2 spoon of sugar
Half cup of red wine (optional)
2 spoon of honey
A big bunch of arugula leaves
Half cup of shaved parmesan
A handful of pine nuts, slowly toasted in a pan until golden brown
Some extra virgin olive oil and rock salt
Handful of shallots
A cup of sugarcane vinegar
A spoon of sugar and a spoon of rock salt

Julienne the shallots. In a cup, add same water, some vinegar, a spoon of sugar and salt and add the shallots for 30 minutes until pickled.
In a pan, boil the wine and let the alcohol evaporate, add the herbs, the sugar and the honey, add the vinegar and all the spices and simmer very slowly until thick. Cool down and keep in the fridge in a small bottle
In a bowl add the cleaned arugula, add the pine nuts, add some balsamico and extra virgin olive oil. Drizzle with balsamico reduction and serve.