Crystal Lotus Restaurant: 30th on the 30th

So  there,  I  hosted  my birthday dinner at Lotus Restaurant in Disneyland Hotel  in Hong Kong after months of anticipation. Thank you for my sponsors (ya  know  who  you  are)  and  to  those  who  joined me in celebrating my birthday,  the duo sissys Anney and Peachy, Dia, Joff, Peanutbutter (screen name of Peachy’s hubby), Ykaie, and Tita Becka, I am very grateful.

Crystal  Lotus Restaurant in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is an award-winning restaurant that offers outstanding cuisine from four major culinary regions of  China.  It  is the signature dining experience for Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Hotel's flagship restaurant. The Restaurant has recently won the  Best  of  the  Best Culinary Awards 2009 - Gold with Distinction Medal from Dim-Sum Category. Of course, nothing but the best on my 30th birthday that's why we chose to dine here.

We  were  supposedly  feasting  on  delicately created Disney Dim Sum, like "Duffy"  Steamed  Lotus  Red Bean Puree Bun, "Chicken Little" Steamed Lotus Seed  Puree  Bun  and  Little  Green Men Pork and Vegetable Bun, at Crystal Lotus  but  weren’t available when we got there. The special, Disney themed dim sum offerings are only available for lunch during Wednesday and Sunday, we  were  told.  I’ve checked their website they have "Disney Chef Mickey's Buffet" offer from May 29 to July 15, 2011. Advance reservation is required for the offers. You may call Disney's Hollywood Hotel at +852 3510 5000 and book your table.

We  ordered  different  food  that  are available from the menu instead. Everyone  chose their food according to their liking. Nevertheless, we were satisfied  with  the  reasonable  prices of the yummy foodies that everyone enjoys.  Service  was  fast, crews  were  attentive.  The  whole  culinary experience was a blast


It  maybe  hard to accept that I had turned 30 years old last May 30 but on the  other  side  I  was  pleased  to know that I made a lot of difference. Counting  the  blessings  that  God given me, I have more than enough, I am loved.  I  am  very grateful. Thank you so much for those who remember and for  the  greetings  on my facebook wall, y’all made me happy. I wish y’all were there. It was spectacular.

Acknowledgement: Sissy Pinky for the pictures.
Note:  A  10%  service  charge  will  apply  based  on  the original price.

My cousins and nieces woke me up on the eve of my birthday.
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