Roasted Chicken with Lemongrass Stuffing

What are your plans for Noche Buena tonight?

I guess, your holiday meals are lavish,

Smoked salmon, foie grass, oysters, stuffed turkey and sparkling wine.
I'd like to come, please invite me. lol!

Last week, my Tito (uncle) roasted chicken for my cousin.

'twas Kuya Meme's birthday.

With the easiest ingredients we could find from the wet market, 

we came up with  Roasted Chicken in Tanglad (Lemongrass).


Sharing this easy and affordable recipe for your Noche Buena.

Prepare your kitchen to mild fragrance and your appetite to utmost satisfaction.


1 whole roasting chicken, about 1 - 1.5 kilo
5 tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon black pepper, ground
Garlic, 1 whole bud, (about 10 whole cloves) smashed and peeled
Lemon Grass, 2 stocks of  white to light green parts.
4 tsp brown sugar

1) Prepare the marinade. Mix Soy Sauce, salt, pepper, sugar and garlic.
2) Prepare your chicken. Place chicken in your roasting pan, and pour marinade over top. Using your hands, smother the chicken in the marinade. Leave in the refrigerator overnight or up to 3 hours
3) Stuff the cavity of the chicken with Lemon Grass. Rub the chicken all over with the marinade.
4.) Put in a greased roast pan, cover and roast at 450 degrees for 10 minutes. Then, reduce temperature to 350 degrees and roast for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
5) Check the roast pan from time to time to make sure there is enough moisture in the bottom (add a little more water if it is becoming dry). While you have the chicken out, use a soup ladle to scoop up the juices from the bottom of the pan and pour over the chicken. Put back in the oven.
6) Serve your roasted chicken with steamed rice. 

For the side sauce, Mang Tomas was the perfect dip.

We also grilled Milfish with lots of tomato and onion stuffing. Enjoy!!!

Kaunayan (Cunayan) Waterfalls, San Luis, Aurora Province

Day 2: Ditumabo (Mother) Falls Kaunayan Falls, San Luis, Aurora

According to my DIY Itinerary, I was supposed to visit Ditumabo (Mother) Waterfalls

Because I got limited time, and 2 other "invalid" reasons,

we headed to Kaunayan Falls in San Luis, Aurora province instead.

Kaunayan Waterfalls is the most accessible waterfalls in Central Aurora Province.

From the town proper of Baler,

we hired a tricycle for Php 300.00 back and forth

The falls is located in Brgy. L. Pimentel also in the Municipality of San Luis.

The trip was more than 1 hour.

The dirty road from the National road was rough, bumpy and dusty.

Three entrance fees were collected because we pass through two private properties (Php 10.00) and another  Php 10.00 charged per person at the entrance of the falls.

Cottages are available for rent in the area nearby.

Honestly, I was a little bit disappointed when my DIY plan didn't fall into place.

But when I saw clean, crystal clear waters dropping from the range of Sierra Madre mountain,

My disappointments paved away.

The falls mildly sprays water from a cliff where hanging wild vines and other greenery grows.

Im more of a freshwater type of person rather than of saltwater.

I guess, its because half of my life was spent in saltwater exploration back in Palawan days.

My remaining days will definitely discover freshwater wonders, lol!

It is, actually, a  series of waterfalls one after another with own sunken plunge pool.

Cunayan Waterfalls is a seven-tier waterfalls and could be navigated.

Trekking and hiking could be arranged through the Municipal Tourism Office.

Well, I guess, I have so many reasons to go back in this beautiful province.

Maybe next year, wanna join?

Reach Your Potential with Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizza!

Supremo, Medium P 349, Super Family P 549

Everyday, there are many reasons to celebrate.

Be it simple or great.

Be it for love, career, family...

Or perhaps for getting a new tattoo.

For ultimate achievements,

Just like what my colleague, Bobby achieved,

who just recently signed up for his regularization,


the ultimate Tuscani pizza, was his best treat for us.

with 9 choice toppings of beef, black olives with garlic and olive oil roasted bell peppers, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, onions, Parmesan, pepperoni, and smoked ham, on a bed of premium tomato sauce.

Gourmet BBQ Chicken, Medium P 319 Super Family P 499

Our Pizza party has been a tradition for the ones who'll be regularized from our group,

to celebrate one's milestone 

And mark his importance to our organization.

Bobby  surprised us with additional Gourmet BBQ Chicken.

BBQ Chicken is my favorite among  Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizzas,

it has honey BBQ sauce, marinated chicken, olive oil roasted bell peppers and red onion.

 Premium All Meat , Medium P 319 Super Family P 499

To complete our celebration,

"The Boss"  ordered  Premium All Meat online.

The best ever all-meat pizza!

With lots of bacon, beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, and smoked ham on a layer of mozzarella and parmesan cheese and premium tomato sauce.

Our order came in with three family size pan pizza, FREE!

CONGRATULATIONS BOBBY! You and Pizza Hut are simply the best!

NIA Watershed and Picnic Ground, San Luis, Aurora

After a long day of Surfing and swimming on Sabang Beach in Baler,

we took a dip in this natural swimming pool,

washing away the stickiness and saltiness of the seawater.

The cold,



And flowing waters of NIA Watershed in San Luis, Aurora Province,

with greenish reflection of the vegetation surrounding the pond,

was really refreshing!

I breathed fresh air,

hmm...reminds me of my hometown in Palawan.

The fragrance of the province is indeed incomparable.


The San Luis Watershed and Picnic Ground is being manage by NIA,

the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) is a government-owned and controlled corporation primarily responsible for irrigation development and management.

San Luis Watershed is a "Healthy" Watershed.

It is one of the forest-depleted watersheds in the municipality covering 67%.

A picnic area beside the small dam was built with rustic cottages for public use.

The place is a coconut plantation covered with short carabao grass.

entrance fee is Php 2.00 per person.

We hired a tricycle from the town proper of Baler to the neighboring municipality of San Luis (Php 100-150).

I just hoped that I was riding in a Wedding Limo Hire Warrington

While traveling,

I was entertained by the breathtaking provincial sceneries,

The time slowed down for a moment.

It took us almost an hour to get there.

We swam,

raced to the other end of  the natural pool,

Just like when were kids, back to the memories of Palawan's summer.

How I missed talking with my cousin Mike.

Our conversation is always full of sense.

I just hope I could go back on the first quarter of 2011.

We stayed until 8:00 PM,

Fireflies waved goodbye when we leave.

Xinwang Hongkong Cafe, SM Mall of Asia

Pork Chop Noodles in Papaya Soup

Welcome Xinwang Hongkong Cafe!

The restaurant that houses asian street food favorites such as of Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Singapore is now here in Manila.

Xinwang Hong Kong Cafe opened their first branch in the Philippines at SM Mall of Asia, next to the IMAX Theater last December 12.

As the name suggests, food was mainly Chinese,

From the recipes of the typical Hong Kong and Macau cafes,

to local Singapore favorites,

the menu line up has 200 dishes to choose from including some western choices despite it being a Hong Kong cafe.

Iced Hong Kong Milk Tea and Japanese Rice Mochi with Crushed Peanuts and White Sesame Seeds.

Some of the dishes includes rice, dim sum and tea-time snacks.

Iced Hong Kong Milk Tea served in a tin mug and Japanese  Rice Mochi with crushed peanuts and white sesame seeds were served when I arrived, became my instant favorite and is highly recommended.

Simple recipes of the typical Hong Kong and Macau cafes, home recipes we grew up on, are available that will surely tantalize your taste buds.

We've tried their char siew noodles and spicy stuff such as Dry Chilli Noodle with Filled Fishball, Meat Loaf, and chicken chop served with fried egg.

The sauce is light and not too oily, with a nice chilli flavor.

Pork Chop Noodles in Papaya Soup is a creamy broth, including corn on the cob and a hard boiled egg.

Crispy, hot, boneless and moderately spicy, their fried chicken is different because it has bagoong (shrimp/prawn paste).

Prawn Pasted Chicken

Filipinos will definitely love Black Pepper Pork Chop w/ Spaghetti, sweet and sour pork with Hong Kong style tomato based spaghetti.

Their version of Fish and Chips has a big slice of fish fillet, it was quite filling.

Black Pepper Pork Chop w/ Spaghetti. (top) and Fish and Chips 

Xinwang Hongkong Cafe
SM Mall of Asia beside IMAX Theater
Pasay City 1300,
Metro Manila

Wintry Shopping in SM Mall of Asia

Here comes the season when the world is  filled with Christmas joy.

Everyone is so busy buying special gifts to complete their holiday list,

Attending reunions and Christmas parties.

I've been very busy with my Christmas shopping lately.

I took so much time to complete my super long list.

Blogging and traveling out of the metro was my least priority, sorry guys.

My daily trip to the malls in Metro Manila seems like a grand vacation though.

I love the colorful and festive Christmas decorations despite the heavy traffic everyday.

Last year, my favorite mall theme were the Ayala Malls' "Imagine"

This year's favorite is SM's Winter Wonderland Christmas theme at SM Mall of Asia.

A glorious winter scene welcome their loyal shoppers at the Main Mall Atrium.

Shoppers who wants to have a picture with Santa Clause could be taken here.

Splendid snowy scene complete with 50-foot giant Christmas tree is so awesome!

The mall's main attraction is the Snow Globe.

Experience man-made snow falling over your head for PhP 50.00 only.

Want more fun while shopping?

Visit Mall of Asia today, December 16,2011 to witness the opening of  newest theme park and Ferris wheel attraction in Manila.

The SM Mall of Asia’s Ferris Wheel called the SM MOA EYE  wheel is now the tallest Ferris wheel in the country!

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you have a happy, healthy holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Wrap your Christmas Gift in Less Expensive Way

Have you received your Christmas Bonus already?

I guess you have.

By this time, Im sure, you're all done with your Christmas shopping.

As for me, I spent my shopping budget of PhP 50 - 100 per person, of course, in Divisoria.

Here are the goods that I've purchased for my officemates with prices ranging from 50 to 100 pesos.

The only struggle for me is to find cheap gift bag or wrapper for my gifts.

I forgot to set aside some penny for the wrapper.

I never knew it's expensive.

The paper bag's prices are almost the same as the goods when I checked the National Bookstore.

I thought, it doesn't compensate, not worthwhile.

My creative side checked out some materials at the National Bookstore and I was happy with what I've found.

Here, save some money with these easy steps and economical materials to wrap your gifts.


Manila Paper - Php 6.00
Ribbon - Php 64.00


1) Cut a piece of manila paper depending on the size of your gift item. Tape the edges together. (You may use glue if you want so it would look like a little bit clean.)

2) Fold the bottom of the bag. In this case, I folded it about  3 inches.

3)And fold it like the pictures and tape it.

4) You now have a paper bag. Place your gift item inside . Using the hole punch, make two holes on each of the top sides near the top edge. Cut two short length of ribbon and thread each end through the holes.

MORE ECONIMICAL TIP: You may use old glossy magazine instead of Manila paper.  

To My Dearest God Children...

Here are the requirements to claim your gift this Christmas

Make sure to pass these on or before December 24,2011 AT 11:59 PM

Incomplete requirements = NO GIFt
No Requirements = NO FOOD and GIFt

1. Original, Authenticated copy of your baptismal certificate.
2. Certified TRUE and ORIGINAL copy of your birth certificate. (NSO-Yellow)
3. NBI Clearance of your Parents
4. Baptismal Picture of you and me
5. Exact time, date and location of your Baptismal.
6. What was the first gift that I have given to you.
7. Any proof that I am your Ninong..
8. Screen shot Required.
9. Authorization Letter is not allowed.
10. A 15minutes Production Number, with atleast 20 lifting and 20 acrobatic stunts.. Bring your own CD.. (ala-Showtime)

No Proxies when passing the requirements.

Copied from  Iniakito's Facebook Status

A Grand Lifestyle Event Invitation from One Hyundai Club Life in Style

I have a good news for y'all!

Something that will satisfy your taste buds in an endless array of flavors from the world's most popular cuisines.

But before that, 

I'd like to apologize for a week long of blog holiday, I been very busy with my Christmas shopping and looking for Properties for sale York.

Chicken Roulade and Stir-Fry Beef  with Broccoli and Oyster Sauce

After completing my 2 pages gift list,

I finally had the chance to say yes to an invite from Hyundai last Saturday.

The event was held on the  roof deck of  the the 4 storey, subtle Euro modern style, Hotel Celeste.

First, we had lunch at Celis Restaurant located at the ground floor of Hotel Celeste.

The foods were okay, I liked the Chicken Roulade.

Asparagus Spears Sautee with Pancetta and Seafood Medley

So, here's the real deal, 

Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI), the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines,opens its doors for EVERYONE to experience how it feels to become a Hyundai Customer through the One Hyundai Club Life in Style Event. 

One Hyundai Club Life in Style
January 14, 2012
12:00 NN - 9:00 PM
Glorietta Activity Center
Glorietta Mall, Makati City

The event will highlight the launch of the One Hyundai Club Life in Style 2012 Journal; a premium lifestyle diary/planner that will serve as a chronicle of your daily experiences, and can also open a whole world of lifestyle options that cater to your tastes and interests. 

One Hyundai Club Life in Style 2012 Journal owners will be treated to inspiring articles written by renowned journalists and editors. Activities are especially prepared for all OHC members throughout 2012, and promos and freebies offered by a selection of over 100 best-in-class Hyundai partner merchants. 

The event will showcase Beauty and Wellness, Dinning, Shopping, Travel and Leisure such as; food tasting, beauty and fashion consultations, photo sessions, game stations, cooking demonstrations, indoor wall climbing, rappelling and art classes for your kids.

Here's how to join:  Login and register at their brand new website: for more details, and like Hyundai on Facebook.

Registration in the event’s microsite generates one (1) special event pass, which entitles the OHC member to a special passport upon presentation at the event proper. Participation in every activity at the event earns one passport stamp. Completion of the required number of passport stamps entitles the OHC members to participate in the Hourly and Grand Raffle draws.