Sippin' Margarita in Bora!

Beside the Zeouk Bar in station two, while waiting for Carlo and Josh getting their non permanent  tattoo done, I ordered Margarita. A random picture when we had a Boracay get together.

Vaporizing Summer

The heat of summer sunshine is here once again, same time when the turquoise sea is inviting us to swim. This is the time for more action and vacation, a perfect time to escape from our desk, working non-stop, to relax and have a good time. So where are we heading this summer?

We have a lot of itineraries for this season. First stop would be in Subic and Zambales happening next week. We will visit our cousins in the province and discover what the island of Potipot could offer. I heard a lot of good reviews about it and we are all very excited for the four day trip with my cousins and nieces. On the first week of May, we'll fly to Marinduque and visit the beautiful island of Bellaroca. The Pahiyas festival on the third week of May is what excites me, I never been to Quezon province and that will gonna be my first time.

My summer outfits were packed and I’m very ready to go. Other than that, we will also prepare some good summer food. Isn't it nice to munch grilled food on the beach? Of course, we will bring gourmet food too! How are we going to make it? I heard you asked. The answer is very simply, we will make it through the convenient of technology because we just discovered Molecular gastronomy, and that is cooking food with the digital volcano vaporizer! With the vapir no2 which is a high efficient digital hand held vaporizer. It is entirely portable, extra nice, isn't it?

I would say that apart from last summer's getaway in Hong Kong this summer plan is the most promising!