Roads of Hong Kong

The family's Hong Kong vacation was also my first overseas trip. We spent 2 days in Hong Kong and 2 days in Shenzhen, China. It was really a memorable adventure with my cousins and  nieces. Hongkong is beautiful and great city. Climate is good and the city is earthquake free. With huge population and limited land area, the city's traffic system is organize and so are the railways. malls, supermarket, and residential area. Roads are clean, smooth and huge. Bus and Railways are the mode of transportation. Most of the people travel through MTR because its faster and very convenient. There was one problem though, we weren't able to understand some road signs and warnings. Good thing we're not driving.

What really caught my attention was the flashing cars that shines on the roads of Hong Kong. As per our tour guide, many wealthy chinese resides in Hong Kong, its no question why branded and expensive cars are rolling on each road. I hope, I would be able to drive one but for now, I would settle for rc cars uk.

If I'll be given a chance to choose our next destination, I would definitely choose Hong Kong all over again or perhaps United Kingdom or anywhere in Europe. Maybe next year, why not? Who wants to join me?