Foodiscovery | Honey Macapuno Bucayo

Who would have thought that even the Bucayo, a Philippine delicacy, evolve? 

By the shore of Laiya beach in Batangas, I found this Batangeno vendor selling this Honey Macapuno Bucayo early in the morning. From the usual Bucayo that I knew, which is sugared coconut strips, this one is made from macapuno.  They also added honey as sweetener and peanuts in it for a nutty taste. Packed in a box-type wrapper made from banana trunk, it brought authentic and vintage tickles in my palate.

This Philippine street food is perfect for dessert.

GLIMPSE | Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort in Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas

Rome's next destination revealed on this teaser post. Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort's bluer-than-blue-sky infinity swimming pool is its key attraction. The resort is located in Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas.