Illuminate Your Dishes with Luminarc's Latest Dinneware Collection

Last Sunday was our Mom's day. It was one of the days that I miss my Mom and our Sunday brunches together back in the countryside where I live for quite some time. She used to cook us home made recipes after hearing the early Sunday mass at the Nuestra Senora del Pilar Chapel and present it matching her floral Sunday dress . Those were the days that I always treasure...I missed you Nanay!...the woman ahead of her time.

Since I can't go home last Sunday, I celebrated the day with the coolest mommy bloggers in the city. We covered the presentation of Luminarc's latest dinnerware collection. It was a mother's day weekend event in celebration of the strength and beauty of one fine woman of our lives...our dear mom!

The program started with plating demo by Chef Him Uy de Baron. Lucky Moms were picked from the crowd to learn Chef Him's easy food plating techniques. Arc international's Asia Pacific Marketing Director, Mr Laurent Chignon, talked about the advantages of Luminarc dinnerware collection. Honestly, my knowledge about tableware are very limited until I listened to him. Reasons to choose Luminarc are;

-Fully Tempered
-Extra Resistant ( three time stronger than normal glass)
-100 Hygienic
-Resistant to High Temperature Variance
-Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
-Easily Stackable

The event's highlight was a unique fashion show highlighting LUMINARC’S latest tableware collections in a whole new light at the Concourse Area of SM Makati.

You might want to whip up a few organic dishes for your love ones today? Let Luminarc's Botanical range inspire you! Starting with.....



My Mom would definitely pick this amongst the floral series. Sweet girly ribbon bow, butterflies and flowers in a wide array of colors adorn this collection - one of the most colorful designs in the series. Perfect for brunch al fresco in the front lawn or in the garden. A sweet collection... I'm sure my mom wouldn't want to miss this because she love floral designs for her tea parties.


Intricately placed stalks of pink flowers form a soothing vertical garden on the dinnerware. Anemone will no doubt heighten your dinning senses as it brings out the flavors of home cooked food.

Bouton D'or

Bouton D'or - inspired by the lovely yellow buttercup flower. Its bright and lovely flowers will definitely give the extra touch of warmth to your dining table. This collection is ideal for this summer.


Brighten up your home with a touch of azure as Daliane revisit a classic Luminarc design. Blue peony flowers combined with geometric floral on classic Feston shaped plate exudes a subtle feeling of warmth, familiarity and comfort when dining for a ride back to the 70's and 80's. Serve your love ones using Daliane dinnerware collection while reminiscing good old times.

Green Ode

A play of green shades sets green Ode from the other dinnerware designs. Large green floral motifs in photographic prints decorate the plates giving this floral range a modern touch.




Using the sweet line shape, geometric prints using circles and lines are creatively placed at the side of the plate  for a contemporary feel. stylish and mod best describes Sequins. This collection is a smart choice for the fashionistas and is my top choice on this series.


The distinctive organic design and the bone china colour of the Volare collection creates the modern and elegant shapes that grabs the consumers' attention. The Volare collection was made from three waves creating a subtle triangular shape. With the soft curves, it gives a timeless feminine look that enhance every dishes on the table. This set is formal enough for fine dining, yet it is microwave safe and practical for everyday use.


Rays of red, yellow, orange and green burst out like sun rays, enveloping the the border of this collection. For those who like the zenix material but prefer the conventional round plate, embrodery is perfect for you! It suits for both everyday use and for special occasions.


Entertain your guests with Shamal collection. Shamal, as the name suggests, takes its inspiration from the north easterly wind that blows across the Middle east. gray shades of curvy lines depicting wind movements lies on the soft wavy shape of Volare.This collection  is definitely a breeze.


Nature rules in this design - a touch of wild-like wheat in soothing pastel colors of green and yellow softly embellish this Volare-shaped dinnerware collection. This minimalist design adds a tinge of nature to your home, effortlessly elegant and will look stunning on any table.- a must have for every modern family!

The above collections are available at SM, Robinson's, Landmark, Metro Market Department Stores in Metro Manila and selected provincial outlets.