Las Cabanas Beach Resort, El Nido, Palawan

Destination: Las Cabanas Beach Resort, 
El Nido, Palawan

When in El Nido, and you are done island hoping A, B and C, Las Cabanas Beach Resort, located about 3 km south of El Nido town is a wonderful location to go to if you have some more time. Going here is one of the alternative inland tours in El Nido whenever weather and maritime services issue gale warnings. This is where Rome and his group headed after trekking to Nagkaalit-kalit Falls.

The beach resort doesn't have access directly from the main road. They were told that they need to hike for 5-10 minutes to the beach. Their group hesitated when they saw the muddy road leading to the beach but eventually decided to go through.  Magnificent silhouette of El Nido's signature limestone cliffs greeted them upon arrival. Trembling in cold, they stayed in the nearby beach bar to rest and ordered coffee. The view gave warm to Rome's heart. Las Cabanas occupy a great spot in El Nido showcasing glorious stretch of coastline and uninterrupted view of Bacuit Bay. "When not raining, this spot is the best for beach wedding", Rome thought.

Haven't tried to stay here yet but Rome's planning another trip sometime in August . This place is recommended if you are avoiding the crowds and bustle of El Nido and looking for a total relaxation, stay down town if you want to party.