Hats: Must Buy in Boracay

Regardless of the season, Cowboy and Fedora hats are definitely a year round trend in the island of Boracay. Cool chick Josh dragged us to the nearby stall selling hats across  the Zeouk Bar where we had our Skin inked temporarily. We've tried several hats, Josh liked the fuchsia one but Carlo and I turned it down. We thought its  for oldies. She picked the white one. Perfect!

I also chose white because I thought it could match any color. Carlo picked brown, matching his skin tone. Gorgeous! aren't we?

Must Do in Boracay: Get a Henna Tattoo

...although they don't need to follow an itinerary, their original plan was to go island hopping but the weather that day was not cooperating. Rome, Carl, and Josh's first day in Boracay was spent strolling from Nigi Nigi to Fridays in station three where they had late lunch. Rome and Josh were sporting in summery ensembles while Carl showed off his impressive abs and perfect tan that any fitness model would be proud of.

On their way, they met Waway, a freelance tattoo artist, and convinced them to have a temporary ink on their body. They haggled to a bargain price and dealt with a good price and they decided to have a henna tattoo.

Henna, a non-permanent tattoo inked on the best part of  your skin. It is very necessary when you been to Boracay, Puerto Galera, Palawan or any other vacation spots . It is more important when you get back home after your grand vacation. It is a mark that shows and proves that you have been on a holiday to show off to your colleagues and friends....to be the object of their envies.


They say that a tattoo is the reflection of yourself. Josh chose butterfly and flower designs from the catalog, she also ordered a glass of Margarita. Butterfly stands for freedom, fun and joyous times, she  opted to ink it on her back and the flower which symbolizes femininity was inked on her leg.

Rome and Carl had tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos have become one of the most in-demand and most requested styles of tattooing. The design was known as the aso and is a tattoo design that was done on the island of Borneo by the Dayak people. It is thought to represent a mythical beast that was part dog, part dragon. But modern masters of the form are taking it to new heights of aesthetic achievement and it's staying power seems strong yet.

 Waway's Contact Number: 09293206390

Kitchen Gadget: 3D 16 Liters Electric Oven Toaster w/ Roaster

My growing admiration with The Peach Kitchen and Not Just A Food Blog roasted chicken recipes prompted me to purchase this oven toaster. The last time I checked before I decided to bought it, it was around Php 3,000.00 so I waited like 300 years (lol!) until it went on sale and bought it for the price of Php 1,895.00.

Product Features:

Power Output: 1000W
Capacity 16 liters
Rotisserie function
Bake, roast, broil function
4 Temperature Settings
Broiler Option
With Timer
Auto Shut off
Color : White

The moment I went home, I tried to roast a quarter of chicken to test it but I thought it's not for share because I burned  it. What I'm just sharing is the "before" picture, lol! A beautiful chicken waiting to be roasted on my brand new 3D 16 Liters Electric Oven Toaster w/ Roaster.